Unless you’ve met “The One” the first date is always weird. Check out our Spoon members best stories about their worst first date.

1. Catman

cat man, charlie kelly

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“The date was OK until he showed me pictures of his cat dressed as an elf for Christmas… There were a lot of pictures.” — Elizabeth M.

2. Too drunk to handle

Easy A, drunk

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“We were talking and I went to hang out with him at a house party. He ended up getting so drunk he threw up. A lot. Great first impression, huh?” — Priya

3. No man left behind


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“I went on a tinder date and ended up ditching the guy halfway through for his friend #noragrets.” — Madelyn

4. Walk it off

archer, drunk

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“I accidentally got hammered on a first date. We went to lunch and we both ordered a beer. We were sitting outside in the middle of a California summer, so I ordered another beer 15 minutes later to cool off. Then I ordered two during the course of my meal. It was pretty high in salt so I ordered one more after lunch. I ended up having six beers in the span of an hour. By the end, I was slurring my words and she suggested I take a walk before I head home.” — Kevin

5. Greeted by Rambo

rambo, thumbs-up

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“My brother answered the door dressed as Rambo with a toy gun. There are pictures. First and last date with that particular guy.” — Wendi

 6. Plenty of catfish in the sea


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“I got catfished HARD on a tinder date once. The worst part is I was too awkward to acknowledge and tried to act normal for the whole date.” — Becky

7. Is there a connection here?

boy meets world, bromance, date

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“My date skyped his friends at the dinner table.” — Morgan

8. Classy individual

How I met your mother, marshall

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“He chugged six vodka cranberries in less than an hour and a half. In a relatively upscale local restaurant.” — Annie

9. Sorry, wrong answer

jeopardy, trebek

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“I got grilled about my feelings on capital punishment and God, and I guess I answered wrong because he told the waitress to split the check. When I told him I’d left my wallet at home to see what he’d do, he said, “Well, that’s gonna suck for you.” My waitress overheard and didn’t charge me, and I let him ride his bike home in the rain.” — Carlynn

10. Hold on my ex is calling

ally mcbeal

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“We went to dinner and he received and answered a FaceTime from his ex.” — Lauren

11. Never date a co-worker

mean girls, obssessed

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“We worked together. The date wasn’t super awkward except we only talked about work and I knew I wasn’t interested in him within about 10 minutes. The awkward part is when we were texting a few days later (I’m still trying to figure out how to tell him I don’t want a second date), when he accidentally sends me a text meant for a friend: “me and my new gf (Cassandra) are going.”

Umm no… after one date he was telling everyone that I was his girlfriend! It was pretty easy to tell him after that I didn’t see this going everywhere. Too bad he had already told everyone at work we were dating…” — Cassy

12. Run away

princess bride, nope

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“I got vegan ice cream (instead of a drink) with a 25-year-old guy who had been sober for 7 years. In the first 15 minutes of meeting him, I learned he had a huge gap in his front teeth, told me he was an unemployed “lawyer,” had a friend living on his couch, was recently divorced and his ex-wife took the dog, and was previously a homeless, heroin addict in high school, hence his sobriety. Then he asked me to go to his apartment so I ran home.” — Mackenzie

13. Long line for the bathroom

new girl, bad moonwalk

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“He couldn’t stop talking about his mom and showing pictures of his grandma. So I went to the bathroom and never came back. Then I ran into him 3 days later at school in the elevator. He said, “There must have been a long line in the bathroom, huh?” — Steven

14. Longest date ever

john olive, weird

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“I went on a date with a guy who I decided I didn’t like during dinner, but I didn’t have the balls to be mean. So he took me to a comedy club, and then he took me a to a jazz club. The date lasted about 5 hours. Then I tried to bail on the second date because I “didn’t have a Halloween costume” and he showed up at my door as a “surprise” with wine, chocolate, and crafting supplies to make a costume. Might have all been cute if he wasn’t a weirdo.” — Sarah

15. Can we talk about anything alse?

megan fox, confused

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“I’m Japanese. All he wanted to talk about was Japan (ex. why Japanese has 3 alphabets, how many people live in Japan, what’s the coolest thing about Japan, how he did a financial case study on Japan etc.). I kept trying to get to know him and he kept asking me about Japan. Also, he might have had yellow fever.” — Mimi

16. Subway love, or not

mulan, aah!

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“I met a guy on the subway, he asked me to coffee. He refused to order coffee, and I hate coffee, but I decided to order one since it’s rude to sit but not order something. Five minutes in, he confessed that he ran away from home because he dropped out of college, then he pet my leg. He asked me if I wanted to break into his friend’s apartment with him and then I ran away.” — Dyan

17. He wouldn’t eat

spy movie, melissa mccarthy

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“My roommate freshman year went on a date with a guy who called her “healthy thick” and asked if she wanted dessert and threw her a pack of smarties. He had also recently lost 40 lbs. and took her to a pizza joint where he refused to eat anything.” — Wylie