Have you ever combined hot sauce and pizza together? The REAL question is have you ever tried Italian hot sauce? Whatever the answer may be, this hot sauce will definitely fit all your flavor needs!

When there was a void in the hot sauce industry, the Agrimonti family, saw an opportunity. Elwyn Gladstone, founder of Firelli said: “In every pizzeria (basic, traditional, modern, fancy, etc.), there was always an offering of chili flakes, chili oil, chili paste, or something similar... The thought was, Italians make jarred pasta sauce, pizza sauce, etc, so why not create a new kind of sauce?”. From there on, Casa Firelli was born. Firelli is a handcrafted hot sauce made in Italy that highlights the classic Italian flavors which everyone knows and loves.

About The Company And The Sauce

The company is very transparent with its ingredients and the quality of them. It has very "rich & rounded" flavors so it is perfect for any spice tolerance level. Though, if you're feeling adventurous, an extra hot version is also available! The hot sauce has ingredients such as a variety of different peppers, balsamic vineagar, and Porcini mushrooms. It is also non-GMO, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan! Since the hot sauce has such a versatile flavor profile, it can be used in "foods such as pizza, pasta, eggs, or salads" or any of your favorite Italian dishes.

Emily Sabia

How To Enjoy Firelli Hot Sauce

I tried it on a frozen Trader Joe's pizza and it certainly elevated my meal. It added a nice kick to a standard frozen meal! They also have a ton of easy and quick recipes that allow you to incorporate their hot sauce well. This would also be a great addition to enhance the bland dining hall food by adding more flavor and spice to it!

Give It A Try!

Want to try out this unique hot sauce? Order from their website, Amazon, or local grocery store!