Find out the best desserts to have while watching your favorite Disney Princess film. For the sake of simplicity, all desserts are based off the original animated movies. I did not include the recent live-action remakes. Enjoy the list!

1. Snow White, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White is a strange mixture of innocent love and wicked nightmares. I mean who wasn't scared of that creepy forest as a child! But whatever terror it caused is perfectly made up with catchy songs and delightful dancing. Who doesn't know the whistling tune of 'Whistle While You Work'. It just makes you want to bask in the sweetness of it all.

The perfect dessert to go along with this movie, while a bit on the nose, is Oma's Apfelkuchen, which is German for Grandma's Apple Cake. The apple pie like dessert is a perfect complement to this 1930s Disney movie. The German roots are a nod to the fairy tale's original language while the apple is a blatant connection to the the Evil Queen's poison apple. 

It's a sweet treat that will chase away the Scary Trees! Check out the recipe here!

2. Cinderella, Cinderella

As a child, I don't think I met another little girl who didn't want to be Cinderella for at least one Halloween. Just like Snow White, Cinderella cemented her place in popular culture when her 1950 Disney movie was released.

It's a classic rags to riches love story with clear heroes and villains, princesses and fools. Each song is melodic and memorable. Of course, we all know the chorus to 'Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo'. 

Pumpkin Muffins are a simple sweet snack to eat while watching Cinderella's magical journey. The pumpkin is a direct reference to Cinderella's glittering pumpkin carriage that she takes to the ball. It's a delicious way to interact with your favorite movie!

Find the recipe here!

3. Aurora, Sleeping Beauty

The princess who actually sleeps! Sleeping Beauty, the third princess movie released by Disney in 1959, was a story of a child raised by fairies, hiding from an evil fairy. It had everything a successful fairy tale needed, a dragon, some fairies, a handsome prince and a beautiful princess.

However, it was unique in its own right, having the princess sleep for some of the film. That didn't stop the movie from having unforgettable songs though. I bet we all know the lyrics to 'Once Upon A Dream'. 

A great treat to go along with this princess movie are cream puffs. These small, tasty treats can be filled with blue or pink icing, referencing Flora and Merryweather's color fight over Aurora's dress. They are simple to make and absolutely delicious. 

Check out the recipe here!

4. Ariel, The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid, my ultimate favorite, was the movie to revamp the Disney Princess series and began the Disney Renaissance. There was a lot riding on this movie about a young mermaid who fell in love with a human.

Between the festive tropical songs and the antics of Sebastian the crab, The Little Mermaid inspired the simple joy that only Disney movies can. Ariel even got her own show on Toon Disney, may it rest in peace. 

Clam Cookies are a decorative and delicious way to have fun while watching your favorite princess and friendly fish pals. All that's needed are two vanilla wafers, some strawberry icing and candy eyeballs. If you don't like strawberry icing, just mix some red dye into whatever flavor icing floats your fancy. Mix it all together and enjoy your clams!

Here's the recipe just in case!  

5. Belle, Beauty and the Beast

Be. Our. Guest! Beauty and the Beast detailed one of the first princesses who was more interested in adventures and books rather than people. Belle was a new kind of princess, one of education. Her movie was just as interesting as she was too. From the fabulous talking castle decor to the scary mob of villagers, Beauty and the Beast was a fantastic journey from beginning to end. . 

A sweet complement to this movie is its very own Grey Stuff. No longer do you have to visit Disney World to taste The Grey Stuff, you can make your own! Mostly made up of Oreos, The Grey Stuff is light, sweet and leaves you grabbing for another spoonful. 

Find the recipe here!

6. Jasmine, Aladdin

Genies, lamps, and magic! Oh my! Aladdin was a wondrous adventure featuring swashbuckling guards, a witty street rat, and a strong beautiful princess who cared about her people.

Jasmine hailed from the Arabia of old, present day Arabian Peninsula. She was also the first princess who had a love interest that wasn't a prince nor a noble. 

A tasty accompaniment to the film is the delicious treat Harisi. Its made up of a sweet semolina cake soaked in syrup. The sweet treat originates from Syria and can be eaten during Ramadan, which is from April 23 to May 23 this year. Enjoy this cake while singing along to 'A Whole New World'!

Check out the recipe here!

7. Pocahontas, Pocahontas

Pocahontas was the first princess to be based off of a real princess! Though there were many differences from life and film, Pocahontas was just as strong in real life as she was portrayed in the movie.

With cute raccoon, a wise cracking willow tree, a feisty humming bird and one handsome explorer, Pocahontas is a beautiful story about fighting for love and respecting one another.

Speaking of a feisty humming bird, the shortbread cookie that John Smith uses to deflect Flit the bird is a perfect sweet snack to eat while watching the film. Easy to make and too good not to eat, these cookies will leave you grabbing for just one more.

Check out here for the recipe

8. Mulan, Mulan

The woman who saved China! No Disney Princess line-up is complete without Mulan. This martial art princess is a strong female leader who will do anything for family or country. She's a role-model that I know most girls look up to when they are little. Her movie has everything too, from an attractive general to supportive animal pals like Mushu and Cri-Kee. 

Chinese donuts are a delicious treat to have while watching Li Shang teach untrained Chinese soldiers. Though a little more difficult to make than most desserts on this list, they are definitely worth it. The sweet dough matches perfectly with the sugar sprinkled over it. 

Find the recipe here! (Or be lazy like me and order them from your local Chinese restaurant)

9. Tiana, Princess and the Frog

1920s?! In New Orleans?! Count me in! Between the addicting sound of jazz-influenced songs and the crooning of Tiana's sweet voice, this movie is the perfect feel-good film.

Tiana is a strong female working to buy her own restaurant one day. She ends up kissing the wrong frog and becomes one herself. It's a wonderful movie that show when you fight for dreams, they tend to end up coming true.

I feel like this dessert is just a given. The best dessert would have to be beignets! The official mascot of New Orleans, beignets are donut-like pastries with powdered sugar on top. They are best served warm and are food for the soul, which in a Jazz town is a great thing. 

Find the recipe here!

10. Rapunzel, Tangled

So. Much. Hair. Rapunzel is the princess known for her hair, but her movie Tangled takes that a step further. They gave her hair powers! Rapunzel, equipped with magic hair, a studly criminal boyfriend, a sassy chameleon and one killer fry pan, saves her kingdom from the only mother she's ever known, Mother Gothel. It's a movie about discovering who you are outside of your comfort zone. 

An absolutely perfect dessert to complement this movie is the frying pan cookie. Unlike Rapunzel who uses it as a weapon, this cookie requires the fry pan to cook it. Fun Fact: it's an allergy free dessert! So sit back and enjoy a giant cookie from a frying pan!

Check out this blog for the recipe!

11. Merida, Brave

Get a load of all that red hair! Merida is one of the only princesses, besides Elsa and Moana, that does not have a love interest. Instead her story focuses on the love and bond between mother and daughter, leading Merida and her mother on a magical adventure. With three mischievous baby brothers and a rambunctious father at home, Merida and her mother can handle almost anything. 

Speaking of the terror triplets, throughout the movie we see them eating these pastries. Well life imitates art because the Scottish Sweet Buns are the perfect dessert to go with Brave! These tasty treats are a cross between cinnamon buns and strawberry short cakes. So while Merida turns her mom into a bear, enjoy a warm pastry thanks to the triplets!

Find the recipe and more here!

12. Moana, Moana

Last but certainly not least, is Moana. This Polynesian princess is determined to sail the ocean, giving life to her dream. Along the way she meets kooky characters like Hei Hei the rooster and Maui the demigod. Filled with Polynesian history and lore, Moana takes its viewers on a magical trip through Hawaii's islands. 

A great dessert to follow the theme of Moana is Hawaii's very own Chocolate Haupia Pie. Layering coconut and chocolate togther, this pie takes a sweet snack to the next level. It's the perfect pie to eat while watching Maui steal Moana's boat. 

Check out this article for the recipe!

Bonus: Anna and Elsa, Frozen 

When I began researching what desserts to pair with princesses, I found that Anna and Elsa were left off the Disney Princess line-up. It makes sense, of course, because both women are now queens. But they deserve to be on this list too! Frozen is a beautiful tribute to the love of two sisters, a unique tale in a sea of romantic love stories. 

Snowflake cupcakes are a wonderful treat to have during this swirling adventure. Chocolate cake dolloped with blue icing and topped with Elsa's snowflakes make Anna's charm and Olaf's attitude that much sweeter.

Check out the recipe here!

I hope you enjoyed this list and the desserts on it. Now go and enjoy! Indulge your sweet tooth!