If you’re a creative soul with a voracious appetite and a burning desire to break out of the Bi-Co dining bubble, Spoon University Bryn Mawr wants you. And with so many different roles available, you can express your passion for food however you want! Take this quiz to find the best role for you.   

1. What does your ideal day out in Philly look like?

a) Sitting in a cozy cafe in Center City and writing all day

b) A photo walk through Fairmount Park

c) Whatever's going to get me Instagram likes

2. How are you most likely to share what you’ve been up to?

a) Write about it on my personal blog

b) Share #aesthetic photos

c) Post about them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with all the relevant hashtags

3. What do you like most about yourself?

a) My way with words

b) My Instagram feed

c) My distinctive personal brand

4. You’re looking for a job on campus. Which role looks most appealing to you?

a) BMC Banter Blogger

b) I’d rather advertise my photography services to clubs and people looking for new profile pictures

c) Event planning intern at the CPD

5. Your parents are visiting, and they’ll take you out for dinner at any Philly-area restaurant you want. How do you choose where to eat?

a) Read, like, 10 food blogs

b) Scroll through food-related hashtags on Instagram and go wherever the meals look best

c) Ask all the food influencers I know for recs

6. You and your friends are planning a fundraiser for a club. How do you pitch in?

a) Write catchy blurbs about the event for the Daily Digest and social media

b) Design graphics and flyers to hang around campus

c) Reach out to local businesses to see if they'll contribute something


If you picked mostly A's, join the editorial team!

Your words deserve an audience. Write about your best dining hall hacks or your favorite restaurants for Spoon and get the whole campus clamoring for their next meal. 

If you picked mostly B's, join the photography team!

You know better than anyone that food is a multi-sensory experience. Take photos for Spoon and you'll always have an excuse to snap your meals before eating them. 

If you picked mostly C's, join the marketing team!

You're good with people both on and off social media. And through curating Spoon's online presence and planning exciting culinary events, your EQ will only get higher. 

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