I must confess that I am an undercover Anglophile who is obsessed English history, actually anything English. The accent alone got me hooked on the TV series Downton Abbey. With this being the final season of Downton Abbey, I thought about the appropriate farewell. It is always best to celebrate with period-appropriate food and drinks. I decided to channel my inner English Countess and sit back to enjoy some tea and scones. The marketing geniuses were one step ahead, and there is actually Downton Abbey Tea made by the company The Republic of Tea, available in stores now. Let’s look at some examples to see which unique character and his or her tea suits the perfect send-off to the beloved series.

Do you favor Mr. Bates?

If so, you might relate to his quiet, yet forceful demeanor. You are concerned with doing the right thing, yet you are also sensitive to the feelings of those close to you. Paired with Mr. Bates is “Bates' Brambleberry Tea.” It is bold because it is black tea, yet fruity and sweet because it is flavored with berries. It is an interesting combination with a bit of mystery, just like Mr. Bates.

Are you enamored with Lady Cora?

You can appreciate her calming nature and soothing voice. She is a traditionalist but demonstrates her loving concern for others with her heart of gold. Coupled with Lady Cora is “Lady Cora's Evening Tea” which is made from herbal tea, chamomile, and lemon balm. It is perfect before bedtime because of its relaxation properties. Both Lady Cora and her evening tea seek to create peace and harmony.

Do you find the Crawley sisters magnetic?

Lady Mary and Lady Edith have a love/hate relationship because they are strong characters who are practically opposites. But, as sisters, they always try to support each other in the end. The “Crawley Sister Tea” has two very distinct flavors of berries and chocolate, yet they work magically together. The tea is made from rooibos tea, fruit flavors, and carob for the chocolate flavor. Like the sisters, this tea blends two bold flavors and produces a great balanced product.

Can you appreciate Lord Grantham, the patriarch of Downton Abbey?

Perhaps you respect his dependability and loyalty to the Crawley family. He is opinionated, intelligent and very protective of the ones he loves. Consider “Organic Grantham Breakfast Blend” that is selected as Lord Grantham's tea. It is made from very bold and sharp Assam black tea with a bit of ginger spice to give it a kick. This flavor profile captures Lord Grantham who has to be decisive and strong in his decisions as head of the family.

Are you attached to the spirited cook, Mrs. Patmore?

She is a feisty one but also shows her kind-heartedness to those who are in need of attention. “Mrs. Patmore’s Pudding Tea” is a confectionary dream. It is made from black tea, caramel, and vanilla and has the aroma of vanilla sponge cake in caramel sauce. Just like Mrs. Patmore, this tea is a cup of warm comfort that feels like a dessert but without all of the calories.

It may be hard to say goodbye to your favorite Downton Abbey characters. So, raise your teacup and relax with one of the Downton Abbey teas that conjure up this proper English pastime.