So it's finals time...

Nobody has been excited for finals in the history of forever, and who could be? With the constant studying and forgetting to eat real meals most students end up like shut-ins, barely even leaving their own rooms.

But fear not!

I'm here to help you escape that shut-in feeling by telling you all, my dear readers, the best cafes in Towson to study at for ultimate focus and deliciousness!

1. Starbucks on York Road

mocha, tea, espresso, cappuccino, milk, coffee
Hunter Honeg

Of course there was going to be a Starbucks on this list, and this particular Starbucks happens to be exceedingly convenient. Sure, there's the little Starbucks in Cook Library but that's just a quick pit stop before heading in to study in silence in the library. The one on York Road is easily within walking distance (seeing as it's on the corner of our campus) and has both inside and outside seating areas, making it an ideal study spot for Towson students.

2. Au Bon Pain

beer, cake, coffee, tea
Alaina Tepper

This study spot is ideal for the student on a budget because lucky for us Au Bon Pain takes student dining plans! Located in the center of campus on the first floor of Hawkins Hall, Au Bon Pain is a great place to grab some lunch, coffee, or tea, and waste the day away studying under the skylight.

3. BB's cafe

wine, beer
Alaina Tepper

This cafe is less well known to Towson students due to its location- inside the Towson branch of Baltimore County Public Libraries. BB's cafe offers a quiet study spot with free wi-fi to anyone willing to take the short walk up York Road. You can get coffee and snacks while being surrounded by all of the knowledge of the library (which usually feels like it helps you gain more knowledge for some reason).

4. Einstein Bros. Bagels

espresso, wine, coffee
Alaina Tepper

Whether it's the Einstein's in West Village Commons or the one on Goucher Boulevard Einstein's always has your back when it comes to bagels and coffee. In West Village you can grab a hot chai latte and a bagel (using a meal and points of course) and study surrounded by your peers at the tables on the first floor, or on Goucher Boulevard you can get a quick meal and study away from the crowd of Commons.