"Calories don't count during finals week, right? Right?!" 

If only that was how the world worked. It's easy to cram yourself full of junk food during a stressful study session, so here are some healthier and equally-satisfying alternatives that will help you stay *somewhat* on track as you wrap up the semester and give you the finals fuel you crave. 

 Lenny and Larry's Complete Cookies

Have a perpetual sweet tooth? The Complete Cookie is for you. These cookies are full of protein and fiber, which will keep you fuller longer and provide you with the energy you need to complete your assignments. Not to mention they are pretty dietary inclusive -- no dairy, soy or egg. Also, they are vegan! The all-inclusive and super tasty nutritionally balanced cookie. Plus, these bad boys are pretty big and come in a wide variety of flavors. FINALS FUEL.

 Quaker Rice Cakes

Craving something sweet or salty with a crunch to it? These rice cakes are ideal. From white cheddar to apple cinnamon, you can satisfy any sort of flavor craving you have with these snacks. Plus, they are low in calories and provide a good source of whole grain. Also, they are gluten-free. We love a light yet filling snack. FINALS FUEL.

Sargento Balanced Breaks 

These little packs are full of protein and low in calories. Plus, there is a wide array of nuts, cheeses and dried fruits or chocolate morsels to choose from. Just the little in-between meal boost you need to spike your energy. FINALS FUEL.

Sabra Snack Cups

Do you love dunking your pita, veggies or pretzels in a delectable dip like hummus or guacamole? Sabra created these on-the-go snack cups to satisfy your cravings at any given time. Hummus is high in plant-based protein and can actually promote healthy gut bacteria levels. Enjoy one of these cups during a brain break. FINALS FUEL. 


The perfect balance of sweet and salty. These bars boast a list of pronounceable/clean ingredients, low sugar levels and a decent amount of protein. The variety is awesome too -- pick a flavor that fits your current mood and enjoy. FINALS FUEL.

Beanitos Chips 

These tasty chips are made out of black beans, so they have plenty of fiber and protein without compromising flavor or crunch. They are also an excellent source of iron and they are gluten and corn-free. FINALS FREAKING FUEL.

It's super important to snack with intention and purpose -- fill your bag with these goodies and you will succeed in the nutrition department this finals season! Good Luck Terps!

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