Chances are, if you've clicked on this article, you either fall into the category of being a meat lover, being vegan or vegetarian, or are becoming vegan or vegetarian. Whatever the case may be, we need to sit down and have a discussion about this vegan grain meat brand that's out on the market known as Field Roast – let's go.

What's Field Roast?

Field Roast is a vegan grain meat brand that believes that real food is better than fake food and only uses the freshest natural ingredients in their products. These ingredients are grains, veggies, legumes, and spices. All of their products ship out from their warehouse out in Seattle, Washington when ordered directly from Field Roast's website, so you'll never have to fret over opened meat packages in your supermarket.

What do they have to offer?

Field Roast has five different subsections of products on their website which includes five sausage variations, three variations of their deli slices, their 'FieldBurger,' meat roasts and loaves, and their own vegan appetizers and entrées. Field Roast also has their own recipes that you could use while using their products, and I highly recommend that you check them out. I say this so you actually use the products that you've purchased, but so that you could have a meal to eat since that is the point of chefing it up in the kitchen like a boss, to begin with

Why should anyone care?

In your eyes, food might just be food, and you could care less about what the actual ingredients are, as long as the food goes into your stomach as soon as possible. In my eyes, food just isn't food, so I do give a damn about what the actual ingredients are. Does eating food with expired yet chemically based ingredients that you can't even pronounce sound appetizing? What about food that has mold on it and is served to you in a restaurant? Or how about pre-packaged food or meal prep dishes in a restaurant that have been preserved by using who knows what and then end up laying around for weeks before you receive them? What if you get sick from those dishes? Then would you care? I would think so.

What else should you know about Field Roast and their products?

In addition to selling their products online, Field Roast sells their products in supermarkets nationwide. If your local supermarket(s) don't sell Field Roast's products, you can always ask your store's management to order the Field Roast products of your choosing from their distributor, and it'll be just fine.

Food's one of the few things that we need to care about, not only because it fuels our bodies for the day ahead of us, but because our bodies wouldn't be receiving the necessary nutrients from it. If we keep it up with eating the crap that's known to be fast food, we'd all be screwed. Thankfully we have brands like Field Roast that are helping us eat healthier and sustainability without making us sacrifice flavor, so check them out online at Amazon and Vegan Essentials in addition to in-store at Walmart and Whole Foods.