As a student athlete my life basically revolves around three things: my sport (swimming), school and food. Working out over 24 hours a week, it’s normal for me to almost always be hungry but sometimes the hunger is just too real.


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During our most recent travel meet I surveyed my female teammates in search of the most extreme amount of food that they have eaten. Apparently my teammates aren’t just badass athletes but they can really put down some food. So prepare to be shocked and try not to get too grossed out. And I promise that they don’t eat like this all the time.

Question: What’s the most amount of food you’ve ever eaten in a single sitting?

“One time after a swim meet session I ate a 3 pound calzone and then went back that afternoon to swim again.”

“I ate a 10-slice deep dish pizza from Papa Del’s all by myself.”


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“After the end of my championship meet I ate 40 chicken McNuggets. Another year I ate 3 Big Macs and 1 McChicken.”


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“I ate a grand slam (eggs, waffle, bacon, toast and grits) at Waffle House. Then I ate another waffle.”

“After a day of swimming 800 laps I ate 6 bagels.”

“After a 2 hour Saturday practice I went and got a colossal cinnamon roll pancake from The Village Deli, 2 eggs, potatoes and 3 glasses of milk. By then it was lunch time so I walked across the street for teriyaki chicken with fried rice.”

Oh how I've missed you Cinnamon roll pancake

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“After almost every Saturday practice I would eat a milkshake, 3 pancakes, home fries with hollandaise sauce, 2 eggs and bacon.”

“After eating 9.5 Arby’s sandwiches, I never want to eat Arby’s again.”

“My brother and I were having an eating contest, and I had to win so I ate 35 cinnamon sticks from Pizza Hut.”


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“After spending 2 weeks at a swim meet I went to steak and shake and ate 1 bacon steakburger, 2 footlong hotdogs, 2 orders of fries and 2 Oreo shakes. I was with my coach, I think he was annoyed I took so long to eat all the food.”

Then, just for kicks I asked my coaches the most they’ve ever eaten (they’re guys).

“I ate a 3 pound steak as part of an eating challenge. There was also a baked potato, cornbread and a pitcher of tea but I didn’t finish all of it. If you ate it all they paid for the meal, it wasn’t worth it.”

“I ate a 2 pound burger and a pound of fries.”