Looking to feel happier instantly? We've all been there; all you want to do is take your mind off life and its daily stressors. My advice? Go into the kitchen and start baking. It'll give you something new to engage your mind, and warm chocolate chip cookies are always a nice treat. This is also known as procrastibaking, which is the act of baking to avoid other stressful times or assignments. 

It's been proven that baking is a stress reliever. Baking for other people brings a sense of accomplishment and something to be proud of. A few months back, I discovered a Huffington Post article that intrigued me because it explained the psychological benefits to baking for others. Here are the benefits of baking and why it makes you feel happier.

1. Baking gives you directions to follow

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Dorianne Ma

Baking is a science and has necessary steps that must be taken in order to create the desired treat. It gives you a set of basic instructions to follow and in turn, you must have the concentration and patience to carry out the process. 

2. You're in control of everything

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Rosaria Rielly

Besides the necessities, you are the one deciding how much of one flavor you want over another and can even add a completely new item to the recipe to enhance the flavor if you desire. You have the freedom to customize a recipe however you would like.

3. Baking allows your creativity to shine

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Rosaria Rielly

Baking lets your creative juices flow! You can make all of the creative decisions when it comes to baking, whether you have the perfect idea for decorating cupcakes or constructing a new cake. Creativity doesn't even necessarily need to be seen. Try experimenting with the ingredient mixing process, as well. 

4. A physical connection is made between your mind and body

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Rica Beltran

Baking gets you into a rhythm, from measuring out the ingredients to having the constant sound of the mixer going in the background, to even kneading out the dough. Baking can be a therapeutic way to relax for those who need to unwind.  

5. Sharing baked goods is a form of expression and emotion

Rosaria Rielly

When there are times that no words can properly express what you are feeling, baked goods are always the answer. They are the perfect way to let someone know you are there for them and care. Plus, who doesn't want to have an avid baker as their friend?

Being an outlet of creation, baking makes you feel happier and helps you practice patience. As mentioned in another Spoon article, there are obvious signs when someone who uses baking as their stress relief has not baked in a while. Next time you need a distraction from life's daily stressors, give baking a try.