While us single people may not get to participate in the present exchanges and romantic dinners, we still get the best part of this lovely holiday. February 15th is the day of super deals on chocolate, candy, flowers, and more!

cream, chocolate, cake
Charli Spiegel

Target usually has 50% off valentine's stuffed animals, pillows, and candles & 30% off clearance on valentine's day chocolate and candies.

This certainly makes up for the fact that instead of cuddling with a significant other on February 14, you were scrolling through Tinder, which none of your friends know you have, while taking a bottle of Moscato to the face. It's fine everybody loves grapes... that are fermented.

Walmart usually has 50% off all valentines day related things.

This is just awesome. You'll find me in the chocolate aisle with a cart full of heart shaped Reese's Peanut Butter cups. Half the price, yet you still get the deliciousness of the perfect chocolate peanut butter ratio wrapped in orange plastic.

coffee, chocolate
Lily Eriksson

CVS usually has a clearance at 75% off stuffed animals and gift baskets with Valentine's themed items. And a 50% off candy clearance!

So along with the $4.99 gift baskets of red soaps and candles, you can also get cheap heart shaped lollipops and a little sparkly eyed stuffed puppy that says "I Love You". Who needs boys anyway?

Walgreen's usually has a 70% off all Valentine's gifts and candy.

Ouch... CVS you have some candy competition. Pick your poison.

chocolate, candy
Charli Spiegel

Rite aid usually starts with a small sale then hits 75% a few days later.

This doesn't fit into my February 15 theme but just finish your candy supply and then go back out to Rite Aid the 20th and buy more. NBD. We don't judge.

As for Hallmark..I couldn't find any card clearances.

However, the Hallmark channel (no idea if the store and channel are even related) has a romantic movie marathon . The schedule up on their website is a countdown leading up to Valentine's Day. For that, we thank you Hallmark channel.

Lily Eriksson

Another great thing about February 15th is that you don't have to do Valentine's Day again for another 364 days. Have a bearable February 14th.