Thanksgiving is definitely one of my favorite holidays and probably the most food-filled holiday in America. Family recipes, long-standing arguments, and cherished memories all come together on one day where we all celebrate who and what we're thankful for. 

Since I was so inspired by the holiday spirit, I decided to interview some familiar faces and get the inside scoop on what food they're looking the most forward to. I ended up asking one of the most difficult questions you could ever ask someone: 

"What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?" 

Chanel Olmo

pizza, cake
Bailee Dukes

Year: Class of 2019

Major: Undecided, Business School

Hometown: Dix Hills, Long Island

"Sweet potato pie is definitely my favorite food to eat at Thanksgiving. How could you not like it? See, my Grandma Pat always makes about ten pies, because we have such a big Thanksgiving dinner and everybody always wants to go home with one. But, she always makes sure to make an extra one just for me, because I'm special."

I hope she can make an extra one for me too. 

Haben Kelati

coffee, milk, ice
Bailee Dukes

Year: Class of 2019

Major: Undecided, College of Arts and Sciences

Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts

Liz Kaplan

Haben was very excited to tell me about her hate-love relationship with stuffing.

"I really didn't like stuffing when I was younger, because I hated the concept of everything being all mushed together. I don't know... it's just kind of weird. Then when I was 12, my cousin told me I had to try her stuffing, because it was so good. I was so sure I would hate it, but I actually ended up loving it. Ever since then, I've always looked forward to eating stuffing the most on Thanksgiving. It's the best!" 

Julia Korsyn

cake, pizza, tea
Bailee Dukes

Year: 2019

Major: Communications

Hometown: Westchester, Pennsylvania

sweet, cream, pastry, cake, milk, bread, flour, candy
Jocelyn Liu
Julia was very proud of the fact that I had never heard of a pumpkin roll, meaning that it must be a pretty cool dessert. After listening to her describe it, I couldn't agree more.

"My mom makes this really awesome thing called a pumpkin roll. It's like pumpkin flavored dough, rolled out and then topped with cream cheese. Then after that, you roll it up and bake it and cut little individual rolls. It's honestly  Thanksgiving is usually at my aunt's house and it's always a great group, since she invites the people she works with."

Mave Haimbodi

pumpkin, sweet, vegetable, squash
Bailee Dukes

Year: Class of 2019

Major: International Affairs

Hometown: Newark, Delaware

jam, sweet, chutney, cranberry, compote, berry, marmalade
Claire Hurley

Mave was very excited about both her food and the fact that she is being featured. "I'm like a celebrity now, huh?"

When I asked about her favorite Thanksgiving dish, she replied, "That's really hard, because everything is so good. But I would have to say cranberry relish, but not just the regular one. It has to have oranges in it. Usually my mom or my aunt makes it. Our Thanksgivings are sometimes small, but they're lots of fun."

Spencer Alexander

coffee, tea, cake
Bailee Dukes

Year: Class of 2019

Major: International Affairs

Hometown: Fabius, New York

milk, flour, corn, cereal, cream, sweet, egg
Meredith Simmons

I had never heard of Spencer's favorite Thanksgiving dish, but it sounds like something I'll have to try. 

"See it looks and sounds weird, but I promise it's really good. Corn mush is basically cornbread mix, creamed corn, and regular corn all baked together. The creamed corn makes it taste sweet and you basically end up with this thing that's between a pudding and a casserole. Either me or my mom usually makes it." 

Kenya Whitaker

beer, coffee, pizza
Bailee Dukes

Year: Class of 2019

Major: International Affairs

Hometown: Maplewood, New Jersey

When Kenya was telling me about his favorite Thanksgiving dish, I got worried that I had accidentally said Christmas. But by the end of his description, I was starting to doubt turkey as the official Thanksgiving meat. 

"Our Thanksgiving is at my grandma's house and it's usually pretty big. She makes ham and it's kinda unique the way she does it, but it's amazing. She bakes it in ginger ale and sprinkles brown sugar on top of it, so it's like sweet and salty. I'm actually getting really hungry thinking about it." 

I was definitely hungry too.