Whether you're for the rebels or the empire, all Star Wars fans have that one character that we hold near and dear to our hearts. Here's what desserts you should munch on next time you're binging the series, based on your favorite character. 

Princess Leia: Frosted Cinnamon Bun

cinnamon, cinnamon roll, pastry, sweet, cake, chocolate, bun
Kelsi Thomas

Not only do these cinnamon buns aesthetically match our favorite Princess' hair style, but just like Leia, there is more to these buns than meets the eye. Though she first appeared to just be a princess in need, Leia proved to be a total bad ass. For the buns, a whole lot of soft, yummy dough coated in cinnamon sugar is hidden underneath the drizzled, white frosting. 

Darth Vader: Chocolate Molten Lava Cake

chocolate, brownie, cream, fudge, cake
Maria Sison

This chocolate-filled dessert is just about the perfect representation of everyone's favorite sith lord. Molten lava cakes are not only a good visual parallel, but it's also funny since (spoiler alert!) Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader after falling into a pit of lava. Just like under Vader's dark costume, the inside of this cake is actually mushy and good.  

Luke Skywalker: Black and White Cookies

peanut, butter, peanut butter, chocolate
Image courtesy of Wiki Commons

Luke Skywalker has both light and dark inside him, just like the frosting on top of these cookies. Divided in the middle, these Black and White cookies, also known as Half Moon cookies, perfectly symbolize Luke's struggle with learning how to use the Force and the pressures that he faces from Darth Vader. These are pretty simple cookies, like Luke who was a simple farm boy who dreamed of being a pilot. 

Han Solo: Baked Alaska

baked alaska, pie, pudding, whipped cream, goody, candy, milk, pastry, dairy product, cake, sweet, chocolate, cream
Hui Lin

Could there be a better dessert to describe the scruffy lookin' smuggler of the galaxy who gets frozen in carbonite than a baked Alaska? With a frozen inside (if you make this homemade, you can use any flavor of ice cream you want) and a warm meringue on top, baked Alaska is the perfect mix of hot and cold, just like Han Solo. Since Han is considered the hottest of the original trio, this dessert matches your favorite character even more when it gets lit on fire.

Chewbacca: Slutty Brownies

cake, chocolate
Spoon University

Slutty brownies are a mixture of all the sweet stuff that everybody loves, just like Chewbacca. Visually, the combination of chocolate chip cookie dough, Oreos, and brownie perfectly creates the colors of his fur. Plus, the texture of this dessert matches Chewbacca's popular nickname, Chewie.

R2-D2: Blueberry Cheesecake

blueberry, chocolate, cheesecake
Kavitha George

Cheesecake is a classic that almost everyone loves, just like the small blue-and-white droid that's been in every star wars film. Add blueberries on top, and you have the aesthetic of R2-D2 on your plate. R2 beeped and rolled easily throughout his scenes, just like a bite of cheesecake smoothly enters your belly. 

Next time you decide to pop one of these films in, listen to the Force and load up on one of these treats.