If you’re a human, you probably love music. If you’re reading Spoon articles, you probably love food. Isn’t it time somebody combined the two? We’ve created the ultimate munchie music mashup in order to do just that. After some creative brainstorming, us Spoonies, foodies, and music groupies compiled a list of singers that sound exactly like how our favorite foods taste.

Adele and Earl Grey Tea with Honey


Photo by Tiffany Zau

We know Adele, we love Adele, and we want to drink Adele with our breakfast cookies. Tea and honey fits the beloved songstress for various reasons. As a Brit, her culture is widely known for their consumption of tea. Her smooth, soothing voice calms and gently eases you into a good mood, just like the warm, caffeinated beverage.

Katy Perry and Gumdrops


Photo courtesy of Rhiannon on Flickr

Katy Perry is the queen of sweet and catchy pop songs. Even her voice sounds like it’s coated in sugary syrup. After listening to “California Girls” on repeat (and watching the candy-filled video), you’ll be craving a gumdrop or five.

Hozier and Granola


Photo by Maggie Gorman

Hozier has an earthy, rough, yet sweet sound. He’s wholesome and good for your soul, unlike the repetitive, stuck-in-your-head radio pop. Indie lovers adore him almost as much as they adore their natural and organic breakfast oats.

Taylor Swift and Peach Cobbler


Photo courtesy of Ralph Daily on Flickr

Something about Taylor Swift’s voice just screams “peachy.” Maybe it’s the southern drawl in her older country hits. Maybe it’s the optimistic, nothing-can-stop-me lyrics. Either way, we want to drown “Style” in whipped cream and eat it for dessert.

Kanye West and a Breakfast Buffet


Photo courtesy of @jessica.mk.kim on Instagram

It’s no secret my friend Yeezy has many sides to him. Because he’s too complex to label with just one food, we’re dedicating the whole damn brunch buffet to his name. Sometimes he’s good for us. His lyrics are honest, and he speaks his truth with good, artistic intentions. Kanye’s voice conveys this.


Photo by Cassidy Zimmerman

He could be a veggie bagel — the kind we imagine he eats after rapping “I wake up, all veggies no eggs” in “30 Hours.” Or he could be oatmeal with berries and (uh-huh) honey.

Other times Kanye is a guilty pleasure that we want to love but can’t help feeling like we should stay away from. In this case, he’s like a greasy, deep fried donut. So good, but so bad. Although some of his controversial statements may make us feel uncomfortable, we ultimately love him anyway. Kanye can be hard to handle but we always go back for seconds.

Beyonce and Hot Sauce


Photo by Stephanie DeVaux

Beyonce’s voice is fierce and feisty. I’m talkin’ red-hot. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, loves Beyonce. Like hot sauce, she goes with anything. Looking to spice it up? Try Beyonce (or hot sauce). Feeling sassy? Try Beyonce (or hot sauce). Bad day? Try Beyonce (or hot sauce). It’s no coincidence that Bey’s got hot sauce in her bag, swag.

John Legend and Cheesecake


Photo courtesy of thecheesecakefactory.com

Doesn’t that soulful voice remind you of a thick, decadent slice of peanut butter cheesecake? This man inspired my singers-as-snacks movement after I began craving dessert while listening to John belt out some rich notes. Cheesecake deeply satisfies my soul, as does John Legend’s voice. He’s smooth, he’s creamy, and he sounds delicious. Take your John Legend with a side of cheesecake to relaaaaaax after a long week.

If you ask us, food and music belong together. They both make the world a much happier place. They both help us get through those stressful college all-nighters (thank you coffee, thank you Jack Johnson). Next time you’re eating your favorite foods, you won’t be able to stop comparing them to your Spotify playlist. You’re welcome.