When I am thoroughly disappointed by my dorm room snack drawer (which happens regularly), I turn on the Food Network to satisfy my food craving. Watching Guy Fieri travel from city to city on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives is my personal guilty pleasure.

Like me, most foodies enjoy their fix of #foodporn seemingly habitually… The same Food Network show you can enjoy until Netflix asks you if you are still watching. But, ever wonder what your favorite Food Network show says about you?  You would be surprised — your beloved Food Network show speaks volumes.

Chopped: You are innovative

Food Network

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Ahh… Definitely one of the most popular Food Network shows. Four contestants, four rounds, four mystery ingredients. You know the drill.

Those who’d choose Chopped… you are innovative. You thrive off of the unexpectedness of each mystery box and love to watch chefs be creative with food. Let me guess — while you watch, you constantly think about how much better you would do on the show? Do you find yourself coaching your favorite contestant — reminding them to stir their rice, or screaming when someone forgets to use a mystery ingredient?

You wish you could join in on the competition and show the judges your plethora of skills. The overwhelming energy of the kitchen would amplify your ability to compete and help you trump your competitors.

Cupcake Wars: You are a sweetheart

Food Network

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When watching this show, it is almost impossible not to smile. There is something about a perfectly presented cupcake that gives you a sense of joy. Do you ever wonder how each baker mastered the impeccable icing swirl?

Not to mention being the caring, sweetheart you are, you always feel genuinely sad when the cupcakes come out of the oven as over-baked “hockey pucks,” or when a contestant forgets to put all the decorations on their cupcakes in round 2… because who wouldn’t feel sorry for an innocent cupcake baker?

Cutthroat Kitchen: You have a devilish side

Food Network

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Cutthroat Kitchen is far from your regular kitchen. Chefs enter smiling, yet most exit rattled. It is by far one of the most difficult culinary competitions.

So if it’s your favorite Food Network show, you have a devilish side to you. You genuinely enjoy watching chefs struggle in the kitchen — when a contestant is faced with a new obstacle, you are thrilled to see how he or she will respond to the punches.

Admit it, even the devilish looks of Alton Brown make you laugh a little. In every episode the chefs are fully humiliated, and you find yourself super entertained by it. If Cutthroat Kitchen is one of your friend’s Food Network guilty pleasures, you might want to find new friends.

Iron Chef America: Competition fuels you

Food Network

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Based off of the Japanese series, Iron Chef America is one of the biggest culinary competitions in the country. Famous chefs compete against Food Network pros for the title of Iron Chef.

If it’s your go-to, competition fuels you. You love a good ol’ game of who can cook the best food — something about professionals cooking against one another kickstarts your competitive drive.

When the secret ingredient is revealed to the competitors, the brainstorming begins. A real Iron Chef lover cheers their favorite chef on and are personally offended when he or she doesn’t create your obviously ingenious use of the mystery ingredient. Because an Iron Chef fanatic is basically a professional chef too, right?

Beat Bobby Flay: You have a dirty side

Food Network

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Be honest — do you turn this show on to watch the cooking… or Bobby Flay? If Beat Bobby Flay is your top choice for Food Network shows, you want what you can’t have.

Bobby Flay moves around the kitchen so exquisitely, who knew food could be so sexy? There’s something so attractive about a man who can cook.

Bobby Flay should be a role model to all men. Like they always say, the way to a woman’s heart is through her belly, or something like that. If Beat Bobby Flay is your Food Network guilty pleasure, I don’t blame you, it’s definitely high up on my list too.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: You are a #foodporn fanatic

Food Network

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My beloved Food Network show.

If you are like me, you are a #foodporn fanatic. When Guy takes that huge bite of a 12-hour, slow roasted, pulled pork sandwich, you can’t help but squeal.

You don’t like overcomplicated reality TV food shows — you simply like to watch good food prepared with love that makes you drool. No need for judges, or beautiful plate presentation, you know delicious food when you see it. Watching other’s eating savory, steamy, rich food can be difficult, but you also love to tempt yourself.

I find myself watching “triple D” and planning my “US Cities Food Tour” (yes, my hope is to travel across the country like Guy one day). From Philly to Chicago to Baltimore to Saint Louis, I am constantly chasing that delicious bite to satisfy my constant food porn desire.