If you ask me, the best part of the fall season isn't the leaves beginning to change into beautiful hues of red and orange, or the summer heat finally cooling down. For me, it's not even Halloween (which honestly can sometimes feel more like a chore when trying to organize multiple costumes for the weekend). The best part of fall for me is being able to walk into the supermarket and see all of the seasonal snacks and treats that are filled in the aisles.

During this time of year, my local supermarket transforms into what feels like halloween-heaven. Aside from the festive decorations that line the walls, "limited-edition" pumpkin packaging are scattered through the aisles of the store on some of the most popular products. People love "limited-edition" items. And by people, I mean me. But does anyone else feel extra special when seeing a "limited-edition" item in a store? Like seeing it for the first time makes you feel obligated to stock up, in case they run out because these treats are "only here for a limited time"? 

Companies have marketed their products as "limited-edition" or "special edition" items for years. Well, it turns out theres a method behind their madness, as this marketing tactic gives their products the appeal of novelty and urgency. Brand differentiation is critical for any company, and most companies find that putting a seasonal twist on its core brand identity is the perfect way to do differentiate themselves from their competition. Not only does implementing seasonal flavors boost attention from consumers, but it can also gives the brand a revitalized appearance that communicates to us that they care about staying current with the trends. Basically - these limited  edition specials are a win-win situation for all parties involved. 

So if you're anything like me and have a concerningly big sweet tooth that is equally matched with a love for anything pumpkin, then you're reading the right article! In just one swift scroll, you can find a treasure trove of some of the best treats I believe this fall season has to offer. Check it out!

1. Pumpkin Pie Halo Top 

Need I say more? I mean... look at that those perfect pumpkin pie scoops. And an added bonus - the whole entire pint is only 360 calories. And it's dairy free! Yum!

2. Pumpkin Pie Kit Kats

It's like the joy of a Kit Kat, but on steroids. And they're orange!

3. Pumpkin Cinnamon Purely Elizabeth Granola

I hope I am not the only one drooling at this picture.

4. Pumpkin Spice Milano

pumpkin, sweet
Vernell Dunams

I don't know about you, but Milanos were my favorite cookies when I was a kid. Eating these pumpkin-spice editions got me feelin' reminiscent!

5. White Candy Corn M&M's

The perfect treat to get in the Halloween spirit.

6. Pumpkin Pillsbury Slice-and-Bake Sugar Cookies

Everyone's favorite dessert - but Halloween themed!

7. Pumpkin Spice RX Bars

The perfect treat to indulge without feeling guilty!

8. Pumpkin Spice Baileys

Perfect way to #spiceup any Halloween or fall themed party. Check out this recipe to learn how to turn your favorite fall drink into a beverage

So get out there and go look for your favorite treats before they disappear soon!