If you’re anything like me, breakfast food and Disney have been an integral part of your life since, like, forever. Little else could get me out of bed on a Saturday morning besides my mom’s french toast and some morning cartoons. As it turns out, it’s pretty easy to imagine your morning cuisine as those characters that make you all nostalgic for your childhood.

1. Carl (Up, 2009): Bacon and Eggs


Photos courtesy of flickr.com

Carl from Up is the ultimate boy scout: helpful, brave, and resourceful. Is there a more ‘boy scout’ food than bacon and eggs? This all-american staple is definitely the equivalent of someone who has upwards of 100 badges on his sash, like Carl. Plus it’ll keep you nice and energized for a long day of adventures.

2. Woody (Toy Story, 1994): Western Omelette


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Woody from Toy Story belongs in the Wild West just as much as he does in Andy’s Toy Room. If you’re looking for a little western flavor to spice up your morning, this omelette (which usually is made up of onions, peppers, and ham) will do the trick. Add a little salsa and sour cream and this meal will take you to infinity and beyond.

3. Sully (Monsters Inc., 2001): Boiled Egg


Photo by Justin Shannin/Photo courtesy of flickr.com

Though Sully may have a reputation for scaring kids, his tough exterior is just a front for a really sweet and gooey inside. This big softie will surprise you with his big heart, much like a hard boiled egg.

4. Crush (Finding Nemo, 2003): Avocado Toast


Photo courtesy of pixar.com/Photo by Rachel Piorko

Just as avocado toast has become the trendiest breakfast (or, let’s be honest, lunch and dinner) food out there, Crush is one of the coolest Pixar characters to ever grace the big screen. Seriously, his “Finn, Noggin, Duuuuude” catch phrase is like, still in my daily vocabulary (don’t judge me…). Also, avocado toast is one of the most stress-free cuisines out there, which is totally in line with Crush’s chill, laid-back attitude.

5. Remy (Ratatouille, 2007): Eggs Benedict


Photo courtesy of pixar.com/Photo courtesy of flickr.com

This is one of the classiest breakfast meals out there, making it perfect for our favorite pretentious lil’ french chef. It’s also a super involved recipe that’s pretty difficult to make, and Remy is more than up to the task.

6. Violet (The Incredibles, 2005): Black Coffee



Photo courtesy of disney.com/Photo courtesy of flickr.com

One wears all black, one is all black. One acts bitter to everyone, one tastes bitter. One fights crimes, one fights…hangovers? They’re the perfect pair.

7. Joy (Inside Out, 2015): Energizing Smoothie


Photo courtesy of Disney Pixar/ Photo by Carolyn Chin

The newest Pixar movie features this high-energy, happy chick who doesn’t seem to have an off button. If you’re feeling like you only have an off-button this morning, whip one of these super energizing smoothies and you will feel just like Joy. You might even get her signature blue hair.*

*Disclaimer: This probably won’t happen.