Picture this: You’ve just finished class at Pardee and are dying for your favorite coffee from Cosmic Cup. As you walk in, the aroma of freshly ground espresso wafts toward you and soft music is playing. Ah, yes: this is just what you needed.

But with all the choices, have you ever wondered what your usual fix might mean? Is it really possible to tell your personality based on your caffeinated beverage of choice? Of course it is.

Need some inspiration before you set foot in Cosmic Cup? Check out their website to get the scoop on all the available blends and flavors.

If You Drink It Black

Cosmic Cup

Photo by Asia Colander

If you are one of the Lafayette students that goes to Cosmic and orders their drip coffee black or just a plain shot of espresso, then you are one hardcore mamajamma. You don’t mess around when it comes to your studies, your alcohol, or your coffee.

You’re the kind of person that wants to enjoy life to the fullest, meaning you want the richest flavor out of your coffee. While you like to keep it simple, you definitely know how to put that caffeine to good use.

Wanna know a secret? You’re already doing yourself a favor (or should I say a flavor) because black coffee is actually super good for you.

If You Like Dirty Chai Lattes

Photo by Erin FitzGerald

First of all, let’s state the obvious here: you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty. You’re the kind of person that believes that in order to get something done right, you gotta do it yourself, which is why you won’t settle for a simple Chai tea latte.

No sir, you need a little pep in your step so you reach for this espresso-infused drink. A Chai latte with a shot of espresso is just what you need to go be productive and change the world and all that stuff.

If you love dirty Chai lattes, you’ve got big plans. Cosmic has the drink to keep up with all of your ambition, and we even found the perfect playlist to get you motivated.

If You Love Mexican Hot Chocolate

Photo by Caroline Nawrocki

Now when you think of hot chocolate you picture a rich, smooth, sweet flavor that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Cosmic Cup kicks it up a notch by adding a spicy kick to the mix. If you order one of these chili powder infused badboys, you’re a homebody with a wild side.

You love staying in with friends and just watching the latest shows on Netflix, but sometimes, you like to spice up your life and go out. This traditional comforting drink speaks to the part of you that loves blankets and rainy days, but the chili flavor brings out your inner partier.

If You Love Lattes

Photo by Olivia Bonevento

Ah yes, the classics. If you love a good latte, both iced and hot, then you like keeping it real. Sure, Cosmic has tons of funky espresso drinks and smoothies and teas and hot chocolates, but you’ve got your eye on some good old espresso with that perfectly frothed milk.

You probably also have a soft spot for artsy, Instagram-worthy pictures, and Cosmic’s lattes are truly a work of culinary art. If you need a little caffeine boost, you definitely have a lot going on in your life, but ordering a latte is a true sign that you appreciate stopping to smell the coffee.

If You Like Cafe Mochas

Photo by Caroline Ponsi

If you’re the kind of Lafayette student that goes for Cosmic Cup’s Cafe Mocha, you like to enjoy the sweeter things in life…but you also chose to take a really rigorous course schedule and need the energy to stay awake.

Between trekking from Pardee to the New Oeschle or Acopian, you’ve got your hands full and could use a boost. Cafe Mochas are great because they give you the espresso you need without the bitter aftertaste. You get sweet chocolaty flavor with steamed milk and that all important espresso shot.

You may have a really busy schedule, but you know how to keep both your sweet tooth and caffeine addiction happy by choosing a Cafe Mocha.

If You Like Black and Tans

Photo by Erin FitzGerald

Photo by Erin FitzGerald

You’re definitely a fan of mystery if this drink is your favorite. Like, what even is a black and tan? No one really knows but they’re rumored to be espresso with caramel and mocha made with a frothy finish.

You like a little of everything and are never afraid to be unique if this is your drink of choice. Cosmic Cup is known for their smooth, foamed milk, and this drink totally lets it shine. If you love the sophisticated sweetness of a black and tan, you’ll be drooling over these homemade espresso-infused muffins.

If You Always Try the Seasonal Flavors

Cosmic Cup

Photo by Erin FitzGerald

Pumpkin Spice and Snowflakes and Mardi Gras, oh my! With all these new flavors coming and going you have to make sure you try them all. You’re the kind of person that wants to try as many new things as possible to avoid that dreaded FOMO.

You probably signed up for lots of clubs or other extracurricular and have different friend groups. If you order all the seasonal lattes, be sure to try the new Cupcake Latte so that you don’t miss out! Click here If you’re interested in some other obscure coffee and frappuccino flavors.