Candy; so simple, yet so complicated, much like any relationship. Hard on on the outside, soft on the inside

Skittles – Single and Ready to Mingle

Photo by Madeline Hinderstein

You aren’t looking for anything in too serious. You’re willing to dabble with different flavors that might not go well together and you’re always open for something new.

Milky Way – Secretly in Love with Your Best Friend

Photo courtesy of Willis Lam on Flickr

It’s a sticky situation, similar to the caramel in a Milky Way. You love how they make you feel but there’s always something missing. Something that you wish you could have more of.

Sour Patch Kids – Friends with Benefits

Photo courtesy of Gleann Rae Ignacio of Flickr

Plain and simple: Sour, sweet, gone.

Candy Corn – Rebound-Stage

Photo courtesy of Eric Perlstrom on Flickr

A staple Halloween candy is just like a staple rebound. You can easily fall back on them to add some sweetness in your life, but are they your first choice? Not usually.

Lollipops – Getting Over Someone

Photo courtesy of Fran Lebowitz on Flickr

You usually save these for after Halloween is over. They last a really long time, but you find yourself in stages where you want them or you want nothing to do with them.

Almond Joy – Serious Relationship for 2+ Years

Photo by Madeline Hinderstein

We always aspire to be the Almond Joy, don’t deny it. It’s super sweet and has a lot of different layers that are hard to understand if you haven’t had one before. People wonder why you’re still together. Fact: It’s because you offer each other a lot and there’s always something new to discover!

Hershey’s Chocolate – The Newly-Weds

Photo by Laura Palladino

The sweetest and most adored candy of all. Everyone is excited when they see them overflowing the basket with their bright, shiny, new bling. Everyone wants to be around you and your sweetie.

Smarties – Long-Distance

Photo courtesy of KHL-VRT Photography on Flickr

Even though there are different flavors, they all have one thing in common: little to no sweetness. Yeah, maybe they’re sweet in the beginning, and you’re hopeful that they’ll get better…but then you remember, you were disappointed when you got this candy last year too. 

Starburst – Guilty Pleasure Crush

Photo by Madeline Hinderstein

You’re in a deep rut. You’re really into someone and you’re friends are judging you for it. You don’t even know why you like him or her. It’s truly an unexplainably juicy crush!!