We are what we eat and in a very literal world, I am a hodgepodge of classic Italian food. Thankfully we do not live in a literal world because I do not have the patience to wash marinara sauce out of my spaghetti-hair every day. But what does my favorite food say about me? Does my love for veal parmesan mean I’m gorgeous, witty and fun-loving? I’d like to think so. Let’s take a look at some of America’s favorite foods and what it means to be an avid eater of these delectable dishes.

Mac & Cheese

You are gooey on the inside and sometimes crunchy on the outside – depending on if you like your mac with bread crumbs. Whether or not you like your mac & cheese gourmet, homemade or out of that classic blue box, you are an easy-going, down-to-earth person who can usually be found with a smile on their face. No need to cook dinner before you go out, Mom, I’m fine with mushy fish sticks and Kraft macaroni.

Favorite Foods

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Delivery, DiGiorno’s, Pizza Hut, Dominos or Papa John’s – it doesn’t matter. As long as you have those three key ingredients of dough, tomato sauce and cheese, you are set. Of course you could spend hours arguing the pros and cons of personal pan pizzas, but you’d much rather spend time eating them than talking about them. You are outgoing and know how to liven up a party. You never go out of style and yet you are never boring. You are, in the previously mentioned literal world, perfect. Let’s celebrate the news with a deep dish.

Favorite Foods

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You like your vegetables the way you like your hair: washed, cut and tossed. The only difference is that you prefer not to douse your hair with oil and soy sauce (unless that’s your secret, we don’t judge here at Spoon). You can be refined and elegant when you want, but you know how to cut loose and relax. You are simple, yet sophisticated. You know the right time to turn heads and the right time to be humble. Leave the partying to the pizza-lovers, you have grad school applications to write.

Favorite Foods

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Whether it’s medium rare to “I can still hear it mooing!”, you will never turn down a good old-fashioned burger. Sure, some people may try to kick it up a notch with caramelized onions or goat cheese, but you are a true-blue burger-person who doesn’t need cheep thrills to enjoy a meal. You are the most loyal of the loyal but that doesn’t mean you are boring. You are a crowd-pleaser and you go great with all sorts of condiments. Work it.

Favorite Foods

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