Over quarantine I decided to go dairy-free, not by choice, but because I have always had a slight allergy to dairy. While my body has felt a lot better, some of the things I miss most are creamy, buttery desserts. Fat Badger Bakery changed that.

Based out of Pipersville, PA, Fat Badger Bakery bakes and ships soft, vegan cookies right to your door (or, in my case, the mail center.) Gretchen, whom I reached out to, told me about how her daughter has a dairy allergy, as well, and they were trying to find a vegan cookie that tasted great. Before Fat Badger, they couldn't. She also reminded me the "your world of food is not as limited as it feels at first." That statement is certainly true! Here are the flavors of Fat Badger cookies I tried: Chocolate Mint, Oatmeal Chip, Chocolate Sea Salt, and Chocolate Chip.

Chocolate Mint

Madalynn Smith

One of my fears with anything mint-flavored is that it tastes like toothpaste, but Fat Badger Bakery definitely perfected this recipe! The chocolate cookie base with chocolate chips provides a luscious bite with just a hint of peppermint.

Oatmeal Chip

Madalynn Smith

This is not your average oatmeal cookie. Not only does it have chocolate chips (who doesn't love a bit of chocolate?!?!) but it also has notes of cinnamon and orange zest that complement the cookie perfectly.

Chocolate Sea Salt

Madalynn Smith

I'm a sucker for a sweet-and-salty combo, so this cookie was certainly my favorite. It takes that chocolate cookie base from the Chocolate Mint and adds some chocolate chips and a sprinkle of flaky sea salt on top. The amount of sea salt is also perfect! It's just enough to add flavor to each bite but not so much that the taste of salt overpowers the rest of the cookie.

Chocolate Chip

Madalynn Smith

Chocolate chip cookies were my favorite dessert before going dairy free, so I was super excited to try this one. It perfectly balances the vanilla and dark chocolate flavors, and is (dare I say) better than any dairy-filled cookie I've had. HUGE thank you to Fat Badger Bakery for the cookies and for showing me that dairy free doesn't mean dessert free.