Ah, Thanksgiving—the most epic food holiday full of family and stuffing your stomach to an unreasonable amount. However, as much as I love Thanksgiving, traveling becomes significantly more difficult as a college student. With the holiday coming up and my wallet empty, there is no way I can make it home for a traditional feast. Spending the holiday alone is bad enough, but I have to recreate this holiday dinner for one on a budget. Turkeys are already expensive enough, nonetheless all the sides and desserts too. So, this year, I’m recreating the holiday my own way. Here's how to recreate Thanksgiving dinner with fast food.

Wawa: The Turkey

Tabatha Marks

What is Thanksgiving without some turkey? Not too many fast food chains offer turkey, but Wawa serves a multitude of turkey dishes. From turkey subs to turkey bowls, the chain offers many delicious options. I ordered a turkey bowl with stuffing and cranberry, the two essential turkey complements. Surprisingly, this food item captures turkey well, as each is bite is full of great autumn flavors.

KFC: The Sides

Tabatha Marks

While turkey is one of the biggest Thanksgiving food traditions, it is not the only one by far. One of my favorite parts of the holiday is the epic side dishes. KFC offers a wide variety of side dishes to please every type of eater. For instance, you can purchase green beans or corn if you want some veggies. But if you want something more carb-filled, mashed potatoes or mac and cheese are great substitutes. I chose the latter and paired them with some biscuits. These three sides are the perfect matches to my turkey from Wawa.

McDonald's: The Dessert

Tabatha Marks

Now enter the fast food god, McDonald's. For dessert, I visited this giant chain for the holiday’s biggest sweet dish: apple pie. Always a classic, this menu item is savory and delicious with every bite, making it the perfect end to my fast food Thanksgiving dinner.

#SpoonTip: put the apple pie in the oven for 10 minutes at 400°F to recreate the gooey deliciousness of actual pie. 

From entrées to desserts, some of the biggest fast food chains provide me with the ultimate Thanksgiving dinner for one. If you are like me and plan to spend the holiday alone and poor, head over to these fast food powerhouses for the ultimate holiday meal of your own.