There’s really only one thing that everyone can agree they like: cake. Cake literally makes everything so much better and there are *always* reasons to celebrate with cake. Graduate college? Cake. Didn’t drink 5 White Claws in a day? Cake. Kept a plant alive for a full month? Definitely cake. And lucky for us, Fancy Sprinkles is here to upgrade all of our cake-filled celebrations. Leave those lame-ass rainbow sprinkles in the baking aisle and steal the show with these beautiful, vibrant, and delicious sprinkles on all of your desserts. From shimmer pearls and metallic rods to prism powders and glitter stars, there are a million ways to create your own editable dessert that is equal parts gram-worthy as it is delicious.

 Fancy Sprinkles offers a wide variety of colorful sprinkles and edible glitters—yes edible glitters. These sprinkles are perfect for any homemade baking activity you may do while in the Q. Or my personal favorite way to use the glitter, in cocktails! Fancy Sprinkles even offers a monthly box of sprinkles for all you die-hard bakers out there. Baking not really your thing? No problem! You can add Fancy Sprinkles to any store-bought treat with these straight from the shaker. Pass off any store-bought cake as your own, and make everyone envious of your sick cake skills with these epic sprinkles.

You can find Fancy Sprinkles on their website at or on Amazon. You can even get party kits that are perfectly curated boxes of sprinkles for any occasion. How will you use Fancy Sprinkles? Make sure to use #SpoonFeed in your posts so we can see all the epic desserts you decorate this summer.