As the leaves turn red and the weather cools down, everyone is looking for the perfect autumnal beverage. I admit that as a perpetually sleepy student, I have spent an embarrassing amount of money on these drinks. Is it just me, or is the famed PSL (the  coffee drink inspired from the pumpkin pie spice) getting a little boring? Well, regardless, it’s never a bad idea to change up your usual café order by trying out some of these other fall flavors in these fall drinks!  

Chai Latte  

A fun fact about this beverage is that “chai” translates to “tea” in Hindi. So altogether, “chai latte” means “tea latte”. However, this latte actually contains no coffee whatsoever—instead, its base is composed of black tea. Paired with an exquisite blend of cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, ginger, cloves and star anise, this perfectly spiced, caffeinated drink is a delicious substitution for your usual daily coffee. 

The chai latte has hints of autumnal flavors like gingerbread and pumpkin spice. This is due to the presence of cardamom, a naturally sweet flavor. Most quintessentially, you can't forget cinnamon and ginger in every chai latte. 

Sound enticing? Luckily for you, the chai latte is available in most coffee shops. Even if you can’t find a coffee shop near you, you can make a chai latte in the comfort of your own kitchen. All you need is a black tea bag, milk (I recommend milkier options like whole milk or for vegan options, oat or cashew milk), ground spices (a blend of ground cinnamon, ginger, cloves and cardamom) and a sweetener (I recommend maple, for that last kick of fall). 

Caramel Apple Latte

Fall also means that the apple season is in full swing! This makes fall the best time to enjoy a caramel apple latte. This warm latte is perfect for a fall morning, and the subtle apple flavor adds just the right tinge of sweetness.

Many coffee shop chains have came up with their own renditions of this fall drink, such as the Apple Crisp Oatmilk Macchiato from Starbucks and the classic Caramel Apple Latte from Peet’s Coffee. Of course, if you have a little more time, you can always attempt to make your own! All you need is brewed coffee, caramel apple sauce (I recommend Monin or Torani), milk and any other toppings like cinnamon or caramel drizzle.

Salted Caramel Latte

If you don’t like cinnamon, this one's for you! The saltiness from the sea salt balances out the sweetness of the caramel and the maple color of this fall drink makes it perfect for fall. 

You can find this at several coffee shops, but if you, like me, have spent way too much on coffee, you can always try to make it yourself. To do so, first get yourself some caramel syrup, turbinado sugar, and sea salt. I recommend getting regular caramel syrup as opposed to pre-made salted caramel syrup so that you can adjust the saltiness to your liking. Then, simply dissolve the sugar and salt into the syrup and drizzle it into your latte. 

This concludes the top three fall drinks that you should try this fall season for those who are sick of the PSL. As the heat of summer makes way for the chilly wind, no matter what your preference is, grab any book and a warm drink to recuperate and recharge yourself!