One of my favorite things about fall is sitting by the fire and enjoying the company of friends and family all while enjoying fun campfire foods. The convenience and deliciousness the fire provides to make all crucial parts of your meal: entrée, side dish, and dessert! Get ready for some tips to live up fall by the fire with pudgy pies, veggies, and fun s'mores!

Not Your Typical Fireside Treat

Straying away from the typical hot dog roasted over glowing flames, campfire pizza pies (or pudgy pies as I will refer to them) make for a fun way to mix up camping meals. Options for making this quick and easy campfire food are endless. If you are not familiar with pudgy pies, they typically involve two slices of bread, pizza sauce, and all your favorite pizza fixings. They are the perfect food to enjoy this fall by the fire.

Making a Perfect Pudgy Pie

Step 1: Spray the cast iron camp cooker (aka pudgy-pie-maker) with a non-stick spray.

Step 2: Layer each side with one piece of bread and your desired filling.

Lauren Tretter

Step 3: Clamp the cooker closed and rest on a steady log near the middle of the campfire, but not fully engulfed in the flame, for 2-3 minutes. Flip halfway through.

Step 4: Enjoy the satisfying, golden crispiness of each delicious bite.

Lauren Tretter

Although pizza sauce and toppings are a popular choice of filling, you can also try taco meat, queso, and all the fixings for a taco take on this classic. Use your favorite blend of cheeses to make a campfire grilled cheese with the best, slight smokiness that only a real campfire can infuse. Opting for a crowd favorite combination of peanut butter and jelly creates the ooey gooey-ness that melts together the perfect balance of sweet and salty. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, use your favorite pie filling to “bake” a sweet treat over the fire. Regardless of your filling, following the above steps will lead you to a fall favorite with endless possibilities. 

Lauren Tretter

Fire-Roasted Veggies

Round out your meal by throwing some mixed veggies on the fire, quite literally. Broccoli, carrots, and squash are a nice mix of fall vegetables that roast easily over a nice fire. Simply chop the vegetables into bite-sized pieces. Add some butter or olive oil, garlic salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning along with the veggies onto a large piece of foil. Wrap the foil around the food, making sure to tuck in the ends, and balance the package atop an outer log. Check back in about 20 minutes to unwrap your roasted veggies and enjoy.  

More Ways to S'more

Finally, no evening by the campfire is complete without s'mores. You can never go wrong with the classic toasted marshmallow that's golden on the outside and gooey in the inside accompanied by chocolate smooshed between graham crackers. No matter how tasty this go-to is, there are so many other fun ways to enjoy a fireside treat. If you want to go outside the box with your next s’more, try a few of these creative combinations at your next campfire gathering this fall.

 - Use chocolate chip cookies or Oreos in place of graham crackers

- Spread a nice layer of nut butter on one side of your sandwich for another layer of flavor

- Add strawberry slices to the marshmallow and chocolate to create the sense of a chocolate covered strawberry s'more

- Try a dash of cinnamon and chili powder for a Mexican chocolate-esque s'more

- Drizzel a layer of peanut butter and add bananas for an Elvis inspired treat

- In place of plain chocolate bars, try using pieces of your favorite candy bar (or use these pieces as an addition to the chocolate for an extra sweet bite)

- For a sweet and savory combo, add bacon

- Not a fan of chocolate? Try a roasted marshmallow layered with fruit instead (lather on some cream cheese for another layer of flavor)

- Create a chocolate and mint combo using peppermint pattie

Lauren Tretter

Next time you find yourself sitting by a campfire on a nice fall evening, try a pudgy pie, roasted veggies, or a new type of s'more. The lesser-known pudgy pie is a fall food everyone can enjoy making and eating. Whether it be original pizza pies or a deliciously oozing peanut butter and jelly, you're sure to find your flavor. While veggies might not be everyone's "go-to," everything is better when it comes from a campfire. Lastly, treat yourself with an off-the-wall s'more. Have some fun experimenting with weirdly named foods (i.e. pudgy pie) by creating the perfect flavor combinations. No matter your flavor, fall by the fire is the best way to spend the season.