“Fakesgiving” took place Monday, November 23 at the Lake Shore campus. All students were invited to enjoy a delicious meal catered by The Chicago Diner. This dinner was focused on raising awareness on the topic of veganism and how it can be promoted in a positive light.

The menu featured delicious items, that anyone might enjoy on Thanksgiving, made without any animal products.

vegan thanksgiving

photo from Michelle Jurkovic (President of Vegan and Vegetarian Society)

The Vegetarian and Vegan Society, at Loyola University Chicago, organized the event and drew in a large crowd. The line was out the door for this year’s “Fakesgiving,” which has been held annually the week before the students leave for Thanksgiving break.

vegan thanksgiving

photo taken by Samantha Kadian

The dinner was accompanied by a brief presentation that called attention to the motives for adopting a vegan lifestyle. The main takeaway was the focus on avoiding animal cruelty, while also saving the environment by changing to a plant-based lifestyle. The speakers enforced that eating vegan is not a diet, but rather a lifestyle that can be very beneficial for those who choose to live this way.

In addition to the environmental advantages, the presentation suggested  the associated health benefits. They provided recommendations for 200 restaurants in Chicago that offer vegan options on their menus.

The Vegetarian and Vegan Society challenges everyone to avoid turkey this Thanksgiving in support of veganism.