What you study at McGill can tell people a lot about who your essential being is– your study habits, your personality, and even (especially) your turn up style. So here’s a salty analysis of what food best fits your Faculty.

1. Arts: Poutine


Photo Courtesy of truenorthtimes.ca

It’s fun at the time, loved by everyone, and super versatile. But when you’re done, all you’ll be able to do is sit on the couch for a year. #NOJOBS

2. Management: Avocado Toast


Photo by Becky Hughes

Because it may be satisfying, but it is super pretentious and secretly really easy to make. And if that’s not enough, they overcharge you like a mother.

3. Science: Four Loko


Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

Because they are basically just a confusing and dangerous combination of alcohol and caffeine (we’re talking the old school, currently illegal version, of course). They specialize in late nights getting drunk and late nights at the lib, sometimes even simultaneously.

4. Engineering: Bread


Photo by Helena Lin

I know, seems lame right? That’s what we thought; boring, overabundant, labor-intensive, takes literally forever. But think about it, you always love bread, your parents love bread, bread is necessary for the world to run, and bread is really best when drunk. And bread always has a job, unlike some people we know. *cough* ARTS.

5. Arts & Science: Mac and Cheese and Ketchup


Photo by Leigh Pond

Some people are into it, but most people are just into one of the two. The people who are into the actual concept of putting ketchup on mac and cheese are just looked at ‘differently’, as if they were brought up in a strange way.

6. Agriculture & Environment: Anything From Crudessence


Photo by Helena Lin

Crudessence: McGill caf’s healthy eco vegan shit. You feel like you’re doing the world a solid, but an hour later you’re hungry again and don’t know where to go. MAC campus kids can relate.

7. Nursing: Brunch


Photo by Heather Harris

Somewhere in between an EMT and a doctor, but all around awesome and necessary. And let’s be honest, it’s support base is mostly chicks.

8. Music: 2 Chow


Photo courtesy of TMAB2003 of Flickr.com

It’s not really that practical, but the 2 Chow guy is always out there just doing his thing and we respect that. Also, it’s likely that 2 Chow is all Music students will be able to afford after graduation.

9. Education: Raisin Bran


Photo by Kirby Barth

May seem dull and stale at first, but in the long run it does you good and every now and then you get a raisin or a special surprise. And you feel good about yourself for eating it.