Your favorite Instagram account, @restaurants, launched @pizza exclusively available on Uber Eats, all in partnership with iconic meme account @fuckjerry. Starting today, meme lovers and pizza enthusiasts alike can order delicious pizza exclusively from @Pizza in over 80 cities across the US and Canada. Enjoy handpicked, local favorites, from the best local pizzerias in each city. 

This partnership will be a permanent addition to Uber Eats as the restaurant @Pizza. Just set your location, order you ‘za, and let Uber Eats do the rest. @Pizza will be able to exclusively highlight the best local pizzerias in each city, helping support local small businesses. “I’ve always had a passion for pizza and this is a unique way to share my passion with others,” says the founder of F*ckJerry, Elliot Tebele.  

Starting today, @Pizza is now available for delivery on Uber Eats. I was able to try my local @Pizza today and I was blown away by how great my experience was. The pizza came right to my door, steaming hot, in a custom branded @Pizza box. The warm, melted cheese and deep dish ‘roni cups were stacked edge to edge on my pie. This just might be the future of dining.