Have you ever seen a fruit you've never heard of before on a cooking show or in a cookbook? Or maybe you spent some time abroad and tried a delicious fruit, but can't find it back home. Well you're in luck, because I did some research and found out where you can buy the following six exotic fruits.



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Lychee is originally from China, but is grown all over the world. I tried it for the first time in Panama, and continually saw it at fruit stands in Central America. Only the white flesh of the fruit is edible. It has a sweeter taste than the rambutan, although they look almost identical (rambutan has green on its spines). Here in the US you can order lychee online (which is the best option because it will be fresh). You can also find it in your local, oriental market.

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit

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Dragon fruit comes from Mexico and Central America. It's typically red with green scales. It's sweet, with a taste similar to kiwi and pear mix. Dragon fruit is full of antioxidants and has been shown to reduce fatty liver and insulin resistance in obese mice. You can buy it here, or if you have a green thumb you can grow your own, courtesy of Walmart.

Star Fruit

Carambola or Star Fruit

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This fruit gets its name from its shape and yellow color. They grow in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. The star fruit has a sour taste, though some varieties are sweeter than others. You can add it to drinks or in stews and curries. Buy it at Harris Teeter, Whole Foods, and several other grocery stores. 



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Cherimoyas originally come from South America, but due to their popularity many countries have begun to grow them. They taste like a mix of other tropical fruits and its consistency can be soft or custard-like, depending on how ripe they are. This fruits recently became popular in the United States, and you can find them in some farmers markets, online, or at Whole Foods. 


Durian is a exotic fruit for those few adventurous souls. Its smell has been described as "turpentine and onions with gym socks." It smells so bad that Singapore has banned it from being eaten on the Metro, taxis, and airplanes. If you want to try them the best come from Malaysia and Thailand. Your local Asian market is the best place to look for Durian. They will probably have it in the frozen section because this reduces the odor. 



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Jackfruit is the largest tree-borne fruit. It can easily weigh between 10-100 pounds. In addition to providing fruit most of the tree has a practical use meaning that is very popular in the Asian countries it comes from. These can be difficult to find in the States, but check out The Jackfruit Company. They work directly with farmers in India to supply the fruit.