Chocolate lovers prepare to deceive your taste buds. The Black Sapote, also known as the Chocolate Pudding Fruit (yes, you read that correctly), is a fruit indigenous to Latin America that is proclaimed to have the same consistency and taste as the lunchbox staple: chocolate pudding.

Photo by Flickr user Alesh Houdek

I know Mother Nature has been cruel in the past, but now she is about to redeem herself with this natural substitute for unhealthy sweets. So put down your incomparable gluten-free and vegan replacements. This fruit is a healthier alternativeand when ripe this fruit serves as a nutritious, low fat substitute to actual chocolate. Since few of us are immune to the tantalizing call of chocolatey goodness, it’s about time a solution has arrived to allow us to eat chocolate almost all the time.

Unlike candy bars, if you eat the Black Sapote consecutively one after another, no one can judge you because this fruit is packed with vitamins. One of the fruit’s major health benefits is that it contains four times the vitamin C than that of an orange.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering where this fruit has been hiding all your life and why no one has bothered to inform you of its gloriousness until now. To answer your question, the fruit is native to eastern Mexico, Guatemala and Columbia; however, it is currently being cultivated in other warm climates such as Florida, Hawaii, Cuba, Australia and the Philippines.

If none of these places are even remotely close to you, fret not; you can purchase the fruit online as either a full fruit or seed. Also if you have a local fruit market nearby, you can try to ask the vendor if he or she might consider stocking the fruit.

People have mixed opinions about the fruit’s taste when they eat it straight, especially when it hasn’t ripened. However, Black Sapote is still a healthy cooking substitute to consider as an ingredient in everyday meals. Check out this “beaaaautiful” YouTube video by Jeff Heriot to see some recipe-making in action and learn a bit more about how to prepare the Black Sapote:

Now, I know you’re excited to get your hands on this fruit and begin replacing chocolate in countless recipes with the Black Sapote. Just look at this gorgeous Black Sapote cake!

Chocolate Sapote Cake. Photo by Blogger user Fragrant Vanilla Cake.

The cooking possibilities are endless with this fruit and to kickstart your soon-to-be love for the chocolate pudding fruit I’ve included some recipes to get you started:

Now you can enjoy chocolate for every meal of the day and don’t worry, you can thank me later.