The smart, young, beautiful Andi Dorfman was just released from the hospital after a kitchen accident. This ex-bachelorette must have been way too excited to whip up some guac because she almost sliced off two of her fingers while cutting into her avocado.

Dorfman first released the news on June 5 with a sunglasses-on Insta pic. The caption read: It's all fun and games until the avocado decides to run off with your finger.

Before we start making judgments, it's important to note that there actually is a phenomenon called the "avocado hand." This phrase was coined by physicians who saw a recurring problem with injuries resulting from patients trying to cut into their avocados. 

There's even an entry in the Irish Medical Journal that describes the idea behind the "avocado hand:" Accidental self-inflicted knife injuries to digits are a common cause of tendon and nerve injury requiring hand surgery. There has been an apparent increase in avocado related hand injuries.

Perhaps the increasing number of these incidents will initiate a bigger push for the avocado tool. This tool was developed by OXO and is called the 3-in-1 avocado slicer. Its three functions help cut into the avocado, remove the pit, and then create perfectly spaced individual slices. If only Dorfman used this gadget!

The good news is the ex-bachelorette is out of the hospital and on the road to recovery. She's fully transparent about the accident and the surgery that followed — she's even making fun of herself for falling into the "avocado hand" trap!

Luckily, it was only her middle finger and index finger that were affected by the incident. Her thumbs up may be accompanied by two other fingers for the next few months, but the celeb is just grateful to have all 10 of her fingers. 

Now that she's out of the hospital, she's adorning a fashionable cast to make the best out of her situation. Her latest Instagram, posted on June 9, said "Summer's hottest fashion trend of 2018" in reference to her colorful cast. 

Dorfman's good spirits were confirmed after she was spotted at the LAX airport wearing a cast, a sling, and a smile. TMZ was able to catch a video of her pulling her luggage behind her.

When asked about the incident, she replied that it was "not [her] finest moment." She took it one step further with a tidbit of advice for her fan. "Premade guacamole." Thanks, Andi!