Halloween is arguably the best holiday - but for a foodie, there’s really no argument at all: it IS the best holiday.

Between the candy, the cooking shows’ Halloween specials, and the food-related costumes, Halloween is great to satisfy your sweet cravings, while also meeting your needs for all things scary.

This year, you should really take your Halloween-foodie game to the next level and create the spookiest charcuterie board (charc-spook-terie board if you will?!) and help bring the college-version of Trick-or-Treating to campus!

And, no matter if you have a car or are on foot, the easiest way to get all of these ingredients quickly and for an affordable college-friendly price, is through using Amazon Prime Student. With this Prime Student membership, you have a ton of perks, like access to next-day and same-day grocery delivery – which makes being a foodie and hosting all your Halloween parties even easier.

So, once you sign up for Amazon Prime Student, you can start your shopping while on your way back from class, and get ready to create the tastiest and sweetest charcuterie board for the spooky Halloween celebrations! 

Bat-Shaped Bamboo Charcuterie Board


Before you can start adding to your charcuterie board, you’ll need the base of it. And, this adorable bat-shaped plate is the perfect way to start! It’s not only ideal for making a Halloween-themed appetizer but also a great size to store in your dorm or apartment, and can definitely comfortably fit every delicious treat you’ll want to include on it. Plus - this bamboo material makes for a great cutting board to use year-round!

Bat Board, $29

6oz Porcelain Ramekins in Orange


With all of the extra treats and goodies that you’re planning to include in your charcuterie, you should definitely get these 6oz ramekins to keep the plate looking organized. You can totally put pickles, chocolates, or a delicious dip in them. Plus, getting these ramekins in an orange color will really add to the Halloween feel of the board! And a final bonus of this find? You can totally use them year-round for so many other charcuterie boards as well as baking needs since they’re oven-safe!

Orange Ramekins, $14

Halloween Assortment Cookie Cutters 


With the shapes of a witch hat, bats, pumpkins, and more, you can easily create cheese, apples (and pretty much anything else!) into an adorable Halloween version of it! Ghost-shaped bread to pair with some skull-shaped cheese? Yes, please!

Cookie Cutters, $11

Plastic Halloween Toothpick


To really get creative with the way you’re displaying your food, purchase this assortment of Halloween-themed toothpicks and add them to your charcuterie board! You can set your cheeses and meats up with them for easy-grabbing and snacking! And, if you want to get fancy, put some small pieces of bread on the end of the toothpicks, and make a dip to pair with the bread. Suddenly you'll have the easiest and cleanest dipping station on your charcuterie board!

Toothpicks, $10

Mini Fake Halloween Plastic Toys


To really add some extra flair to your charcuterie board, get some scary, plastic critters to scatter across the plate! Place a little spider on top of your Boursin cheese, a rat next to the crackers, and a scorpion as the centerpiece of the hummus! Eating is truly more fun when it’s spooky! 

Plastic Toys, $12

And make sure you don't forget to add the following favorites to your charcuterie board... 

Photos from Amazon.com


Whether you like Cheddar or think Feta is bett-a, grab a few of your faves from Amazon Grocery. Blocks of cheese - like this Colby Jack cheese - are great to use with the cookie cutters


It’s always great to have a variety of crackers, like these Water Crackers, some fancy Cranberry and Pumpkin Seed Crisps, and classic Wheat Thins so there’s something for everyone to love to snack on!


In addition to crackers, it’s also nice to have some type of bread as well. A baguette is a great go-to since it’s delicious whether it’s fresh or heated up, and looks great sliced and scattered across your charcuterie board. 


Get ready to meet all of the amazing meat options you have! You can get Prosciutto, Genoa Salami, Chorizo, Pepperoni and truly so much more. Just browse through Amazon Fresh and find what makes your mouth water!


It obviously wouldn’t be a Halloween charcuterie board without a bit of candy. These pumpkin-shaped York Peppermint Patties are adorable, as well as these Halloween Gummies - and you can just sprinkle them on top of the board once you’re done adding everything else!

And finally, some last-minute extras:

Photos from Amazon.com

Mustard, $5

Gherkins, $7

Apples, $4

Pistachio Nuts, $5

Olives, $5

Hummus, $4

If you end up making a spooky charcuterie board this Halloween, tag @Spoon University on Instagram! We want to see what neat treats you make! And, don’t forget to make your life so much easier and sign up for Amazon Prime Student to do all of your shopping so you can focus on having fun planning for the party! 

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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