I first came across Siren Snacks when I was scrolling through Instagram. The bite-sized snacks intrigued me; while I don't follow a plant-based diet myself, I am aware of the benefits this lifestyle can have on your life. The flavors sounded delicious, like food I would actually want to eat: cookie dough, snickerdoodle, dark chocolate brownie, and lemon poppyseed. 

I'm usually pretty skeptical when it comes to health foods, especially with flavors like these. How can something actually taste like cookie dough when its vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free? I needed to try them for myself and see if plant-based snacks could actually be as good as the real thing. 

The Siren Snacks team kindly sent me their Variety Four Pack. Here's a breakdown of the flavors: 

Dark Chocolate Brownie

Sydney Rosenstein

These were SO much better than I expected. There is nothing worse than when you want to eat a brownie but go for the healthy alternative instead, which is never as good as the real thing. These really taste like a brownie, though: chocolatey and delicious.

Lemon Poppyseed

Sydney Rosenstein

I truly thought I would hate this one since I never really eat lemon flavored foods. But I was surprised on the upside. It has a very refreshing taste, with just enough lemon so you know it’s there but not at all overwhelming.


Sydney Rosenstein

When I opened this bag, it smelled like opening the oven to take out freshly baked snickerdoodle cookies. Aside from the smell, these taste almost as good as a freshly baked cookie. The only thing that would make them better is if they were warm and gooey. 

Cookie Dough

Sydney Rosenstein

Cookie dough is always a hard flavor to match because nothing compares to eating Tollhouse straight out of the container. But these really did look and taste like cookie dough, just with a different consistency. 

Overall, these exceeded my expectations. The flavors were great and they kept me full for a long time. If I had to rank them, I would say my favorite was Snickerdoodle, then Cookie Dough, Lemon Poppyseed, and finally Dark Chocolate Brownie. Let's be real, I'd rather eat a warm gooey brownie any day. I would definitely recommend trying these out as a healthy alternative to your typical snack.