In the world of all things trendy and food/beverage related, a new type of product known as kombucha has been on the rise lately. While you might not necessarily know what it is, there's a new brand in town known as Kombrewcha that would love to teach you all about what's up in the land of the 'boocha.

What's Kombrewcha?

Kombrewcha is alcoholic kombucha that's brewed to the point in which it has an alcohol content of 3.2%. Kombrewcha's ingredients include tea, water, sugar, organic yeast, and scoby, so you'll be putting nothing sketchy into your system during consumption of the product. Additionally, all of the ingredients that are used to make Kombrewcha are low in sugar, gluten-free, and organic, thus leaving a refreshing taste in your mouth.

Kombrewcha's products come in four flavors, which are aptly titled as The OG, Lemongrass Lime, Royal Ginger, and Berry Hibiscus. While the products are sold at almost each and every Whole Foods location in the state of New York, they can be consumed either alone or as a mixer in some of your favorite drinks. All of Kombrewcha's products come in cliques of four, so if you're wanting to try out all of their flavors, you're going to need to get a four pack of each flavor. In the end, if you end up liking some flavors more than the other flavors, you can always head back to Whole Foods for more four packs.

Additionally, there are some Trader Joe's locations that do sell Kombrewcha's products, but you have a better chance of finding them in the nearest Whole Foods.

What else is there to know?

As a company, Kombrewcha is based in Brooklyn, but their products are based out on Long Island. The brand also has locations in New York State that serve as stocklists, such as Caracas, Egg Shop, The Freehold, Ladybird, Roberta's, Root and Bone, Selamat Pagi, Syndicated, and Two Hands.

Also, Kombrewcha exists to help you have a social life all while being able to live your busy life to the fullest. Sometimes, having to go out to the bar or to the club with your friends is a real struggle, and Kombrewcha fully understands that; that's why their packaging comes in fours and is readily available for purchase. Why do you have to go out to the party when you're busy when the party could happen and come to you when you're off doing your own thing? That's something that I never really understood, but ok.

If you've never had kombucha before, let Kombrewcha be your starting point. Since regular kombucha is already naturally alcoholic, adding alcohol to it serves more of a benefit to the actual beverage than if it were to be left out. Booze and being healthy are both things that have feelings about things too you know, so in this case, you're better off giving Kombrewcha a shot before you knock it off the shelf completely.