If you haven’t already gotten on the organic bandwagon, if you haven’t tried a veggie burger, this product is for you. Just Scramble is a plant-based egg substitute from Hampton Creek and they’re hoping that it will turn the egg eating world upside down.

This product is designed to taste, and cook, just like the egg, all the way down to the way it scrambles. The only thing you’ll miss is the runny yolk, but if you can live without that, Just Scramble might be the product for you.

Photo courtesy of Hampton Creek

Hampton Creek has a history of creating vegan alternatives to everyday food products. They’ve already produced an egg-less mayo (Just Mayo) and a vegan, dairy-free alternative to cookie dough (Just Dough).

Their goal is not only to make healthy food, but to make healthy food affordable and sustainable. On a college budget it’s almost impossible to buy organic food all the time—any company that wants to make healthy, sustainable food appealing to both my palette and my wallet is fine by me.

Just Scramble is due to come out by the end of the year, so in preparation try some of these egg recipes now, and sub in Just Scramble later:

1. Pesto Eggs

just scramble

Photo by Christin Urso

If you use homemade pesto like the recipe calls for, more power to you. Personally I’m always gonna reach for the store bought jar, which makes this recipe even easier.

 2. Stove Top Frittata

just scramble

Photo by Kendra Valkema

Frittatas are one of my favorite lazy breakfasts. Seriously, the most labor intensive part of a frittata is the chopping of the various veggies and you can do that while you wait for your coffee to brew (or tea, I’m an equal opportunity caffeine addict).

3. Ginger Curry Egg Drop Soup

just scramble

Photo by Julia Maguire

Eggs don’t just have to be for breakfast. This soup has everything from spice to refreshing ginger to eggy goodness.

4. Easy Carbonara

just scramble

Photo by Lucy Rubin

Just because I’m talking about a vegan product does not mean I’m turning my back on my carnivores out there. Plus, bacon makes everything better.

5. Chinese Scrambled Eggs

just scramble

Photo by Nancy Chen

I often get tired of the plain old scrambled eggs my mom taught me to make. This is a great recipe if you want someone else’s family to teach you how to cook scrambled eggs. The garlic and tomatoes definitely pump up the flavor in otherwise bland scrambled eggs.

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