It’s officially Spring (finally!) and that means that Passover is just around the corner. With Passover comes fan favorites like chocolate-covered matzah, Charoset, and matzah pizza, as well as an even longer list of foods from which observing Jews abstain. The main thing deemed “unkosher” for Passover is leavened bread, which includes any breads, pastas, crackers, and pastries. However, there is another group of foods called Kitniyot that are also considered not kosher for Passover for Ashkenazi Jews, including rice, corn, peanuts, beans and lentils.


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If you’re observing this holiday, it’s easier to keep kosher for Passover when you’re home where there are yummy leftovers from the Seders to last you throughout the week. Unfortunately, it can be difficult if you are stuck on campus and don’t have the luxury of leftovers. You may find yourself surrounded and tempted by everything off limits. But don’t worry, that’s why we’re here! We created this list of everything you need to survive keeping kosher for Passover in your dorm:

1. Matzah


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As a classic Passover staple, matzah will likely serve as the main feature of most of your meals during the holiday. Whether you spread cream cheese on it for breakfast or sprinkle some tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese on it to make matzah pizza, matzah will likely be your lifesaver during the week so we suggest you stock up. For an after-dinner sweet treat, check out these amazing, matzah desserts made in heaven.

2. Matzah Farfel


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Matzah farfel are crumble-like flakes often used as a substitution for granola or noodles. You can keep some on hand to make your own delicious kosher-for-passover granola courtesy of this recipe from or substitute matzah farfel into these granola recipes.

3. Tam Tam Crackers


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Tam Tams are kosher for Passover crackers that will be your life during the eight-day holiday. When you begin to crave your Ritz crackers and pretzels, just pop a Tam Tam and you’ll be on your way.

#SpoonTip: Tam Tams also serve as a great dipper for homemade guac, which is certainly KFP and delicious.

4. Matzah Meal


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Similar to matzah farfel, matzah meal is pretty much matzah in breadcrumb consistency. Matzah meal will be your go-to when your cravings begin to set in. You can use it to make basically anything – from pancakes to latkes to any recipe that usually involves breadcrumbs.

5. Lots of fruits and veggies


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Make sure to keep plenty of fruits and vegetables around for when you begin to get sick of matzah sandwich variations (it’s bound to happen). While you take a break from leavened breads, take the time to channel your inner hipster and master these awesome mason jar salads.