Grocery shopping; the absolute bane of my adult life, and I'm sure that most adults can relate to me on that. It's just so time consuming, and if I could have my own personal shopper to help me save time, that'd be great; but in my case, that just isn't feasible. Thanks to Hungryroot, that can all change; they even deliver groceries right to your door, so you don't have to leave your apartment in order to be able to eat today.

What's Hungryroot?

In short, Hungryroot is the answer to all of your grocery shopping issues and questions. With Hungryroot, they're the first personalized grocery service of its kind delivering easy-to-make healthy food directly to people across the country. Customers share their food preferences and receive curated weekly deliveries of healthy groceries along with 10-minute recipes to make fresh, delicious meals—no shopping or meal planning necessary.

The cool thing regarding Hungryroot is that they now have partnerships with top companies such as RightRice, Beyond Meat, Banza, Freshe, and Ozery  and many others. Other brands rolling out into Hungryroot’s online grocery service in the coming weeks include Field Roast, Kite Hill, Hail Merry, Yves, Perfectly Peckish, Angelic Bakehouse, Maya Kaimal, Maria Ricardo and more. These partners were curated by Hungryroot to ensure each brand is aligned with the company’s overall mission and meet the criteria of offering high quality, healthy, and convenient products to consumers. 

Hungryroot's food partners will make up about 30% of its weekly product offerings, in addition to a variety of seasonal and nutrient-dense Hungryroot products which will make up the other 70%. Also as part of the brand update, Hungryroot will now feature a variety of offerings from its food partners, in addition to 1,000+ new 10-minute-and-under recipes in its weekly deliveries. Once again in case you don't feel like scrolling back up, each delivery is personalized to the customer's preferences and dietary needs—no shopping, traveling to the store, browsing through products, or meal planning necessary—giving customers more time back in their day. According to a press release, "These changes fall on the heels of a recent study where customers expressed interest in expanded product variety and more robust recipe offerings, along with an upgraded digital platform." Besides, who wouldn't want easy recipes to make at home without having to interact with others while doing such? Sign me up, stat; please.

Also as part of the repositioning, Hungryroot is also introducing a revamped, customer-centric digital experience including a redesigned survey allowing customers to select their food preferences, dietary restrictions, and how often they’d like to receive an item for enhanced personalization in each delivery. From there, Hungryroot’s proprietary algorithm builds a personalized order optimized for customers' food preferences based on survey findings and inventory allocation. With this algorithm, Hungryroot is able to ensure an effortless and tailored customer experience by meeting the expectations of customers, while managing a nationwide fresh food supply chain. Hungryroot's CEO and Founder, Ben McKean has stated that “We’re always looking to meet the demands of our current and potential customers; with other grocery experiences, consumers have to shop or scroll through thousands of food options and brands to find the product that’s best for them, and then learn how to cook with the product. Through our online grocery service and personalization algorithm, consumers will instead receive a weekly delivery of healthy food options and recipes specifically customized to their personal preferences.” Simple, right? Thought so.

Hopefully now that you know more about Hungryroot, you'll consider having your groceries delivered to you since you know what? Grocery shopping alone is just too hard and sometimes, you just need a helping hand.