Coffee; for the vast majority of us, it's life. It's that thing that wakes us up in the morning despite getting sleep at night, and gives us the necessary energy to plow through the day. The thing with coffee is that it comes in multiple varieties and in different cups/cup sizes, but knowing my readers, you all probably grab the biggest cup size of coffee that there is in the mornings. While that's nice and all, I'm here to introduce a new kind of coffee to you known as Mad Bean hard iced coffee in a can.

The deets

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Arpitha Shenoy

Mad Bean Hard Iced Coffee (4.5% ABV) is a coffee-flavored malt beverage made from 100% Arabica gourmet beans and flavored with rich and distinctive mocha or silky-smooth vanilla. I must say, the vanilla flavor has more of a caramel taste to it, so if that's your thing, then go for it. It is sold in 12 oz. four-packs ($8.00) or 24 oz. cans ($2.50). You can find said Mad Bean in New York, California, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Michigan, Idaho, Ohio, Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Kentucky.

Mary Chapman, Marketing Director for Geloso Beverage Group has stated that "Our team saw an opportunity to move into the canned hard coffee space; with summer approaching, Mad Bean Hard Iced Coffee is the perfect portable drink to bring anywhere from the boat to the beach, picnics to camping. It’s delicious straight from the can or poured over ice.”

While this article was brief, half of you are probably still asleep; so get yourself some Mad Bean Hard Iced Coffee to wake yourself up and trek on with the remainder of your day.