Superfoods are all the rage - foods that can supposedly transform your health and well-being quicker than you can say Taco Bell. Some fall short of the hype while others are more of worthy of all the attention they are receiving. One of these supposed superfoods that should be in your pantry today are chia seeds. These little black seeds, originally from Mexico, are heralded for how nutrient dense they are for their little size. 

Becky Hughes

So why should you be eating them? Regardless of their ability to ensure you get nearly all of your daily vitamins and minerals in just one little teaspoon, these little guys need to be in your diet for reasons you never even thought of. 

First off, they can be added to just about anything without you even noticing. Smoothies, yogurt, peanut butter, oatmeal, your favorite dessert or literally anything else you can think of. Just add a spoonful of chia seeds to take your favorite to a whole other level of power snack (who doesn't love an excuse to eat more pita chips & hummus?) Still not convinced, check out these ideas out for ways to incorporate chia seeds into your diet!

Carolyn Chin

For those of us studying for what feels like all day every day (is it vacation month yet?), chia seeds are the perfect addition to keep you fuller for longer and help to maintain your focus. Not to mention, this will help to reduce your mid-day unnecessary snacking helping to keep that waistline where we want it! 

Finally, chia seeds are super cheap for how they last and their endless nutritional benefits. So add them to your grocery list today & pick up a bag to get you on the track to familiarity with this supreme superfood.