The Washington Capitals won their first ever Stanley Cup Championship in June and they essentially haven't stopped celebrating since. According to an old tradition, after the immediate team celebrations and championship parade, every player gets to spend one full day with the Stanley Cup during the summer. Most of those special days include food and in the past, the cup has been filled with everything from ice cream to dog food. Read below to see what crazy foods the Caps enjoyed with Lord Stanley on their victory tour. 

The Whole Team: Beer

The first weekend that the Capitals had the cup became a city-wide party across Washington, D.C.. In addition to their infamous fountain swimming moment, T.J. Oshie and a few others, supervised by Jakub Vrana and Evgeny Kuznetsov, helped Alex Ovechkin drink beer out of The Cup in Georgetown. 

Jimmy Fallon: Beer 

Ovechkin and Braden Holtby took ol' Stanley to the Big Apple and enjoyed some more beer from The Cup, helped by Jimmy Fallon and Triple Crown winning jockey Mike Smith on The Tonight Show. They started with small straws before Fallon went headfirst into The Cup. 

No word on whether The Cup got to experience any other classic New York City snacks during the trip. 

Alex Ovechkin: Caviar 

During his two days with The Cup in Russia, Ovi threw one more big party and in addition to serving a massive cake, the main attraction became taking pictures next to the the overflowing amount of black caviar in the top of The Cup. 

Chris Patrick (Director of Player Personnel): Ice Cream

In addition to the players, many members of the coaching staff and front office staff get to have a day with The Cup. In our first kid-friendly food sighting, Chris Patrick's (Director of Player Personnel) kids shared in the celebration by eating at least four different flavors of ice cream directly out of The Cup.  

Matt Niskanen: Drinks

These summer months have been pretty hot and it is always important to stay hydrated. During his day with The Cup in Minnesota, Niskanen took it out a boat and spent some time on the water. As all good parents should, his father made sure that they took frequent drink breaks during the celebration. 

T.J. Oshie: Cereal 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and times of celebration are no excuse to skip a meal. Oshie made sure to prepare for his day with The Cup by eating a hearty serving of Cap'n Crunch straight out of the bowl. Now, if only someone could have provided him with a larger spoon to match.

No word yet on whether his celebration also included drinking more beer through his shirt

Madison Bowey: Borscht

On The Cup's first trip to Canada this summer, it was treated to a European feast. In between visiting his home rink, and a children's hospital on his busy day, Bowey took some time to grab a snack with his grandmother. They both enjoyed a large serving of her homemade borsht straight from the bowl, which was placed on a table for ease of eating.  

A Horse: Hay

During goalie Braden Holtby's busy day with The Cup, he took a minute to feed mini-horse Munchie some lunch from the bowl. It looks like quite a nutritious feast, and The Cup was just the right height for Munchie. Don't worry, Holtby and his family also took some time to enjoy an almost life size Stanley Cup replica cake during their celebration. 

Brock Myles (Equipment Manager): Ice Cream 

Who needs utensils to celebrate a Stanley Cup Championship? During his family-filled day with The Cup, Caps Equipment Manager Brock Myles and his kids went face first into the cup, in pursuit of some fast-melting mint chocolate chip ice cream. After all, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opprtunity to eat dessert first.

Scott Murray (Goalie Coach): BBQ

Coaching Holtby to make plays like The Save is no easy task. Goalie Coach Scott Murray spent his day with the cup relaxing and refueling with sausages and a full pig roast. The Cup served as the perfect bowl to hold the pepperette sausage during the party. 

Tom Wilson: Cereal

To begin the day in both Tom Wilson and The Cup's hometown of Toronto, nothing less than Lucky Charms was necessary. With spoons in both hands, Wilson enjoyed a hearty serving of "magically delicious" breakfast cereal straight from the bowl. According to Sporting News, The Cup holds just over 2 gallons which means that Wilson could have eaten at least 85 full 3/4 cup servings of Lucky Charms for breakfast. 

The Caps will begin their defense of Lord Stanley on October 3 against the Bruins and he will return to his home at the Hockey Hall of Fame to watch the whole season play out. Until then, take some time to plan your own epic one-day celebration of your accomplishments with a smaller, but still awesome Stanley Cup Replica