In honor of the first few days of spring, Baked By Melissa threw together two of our favorite snacks to create a trendy new concoction: The Cupcaron.

Yup, you read that correctly, a cupcake and a macaron. Together. I don’t know what made them think of a dessert so genius, but it looks like this:


Photo by Jessica Kelly

Basically, these are a super cute cupcake-macaron love child. They took their already adorable bite-sized cupcakes and topped them off with half a macaron to produce the most amazing hybrid dessert.

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The Cupcaron comes in three flavors: chocolate graham, strawberry cream, and cotton candy. Cotton candy is electric blue with pink accents, and consists of a cotton candy flavored cupcake with vanilla icing.

Strawberry cream is also topped with vanilla icing, but it’s on top of strawberry cake stuffed with marshmallow cream, and tastes kind of like a strawberry shortcake ice cream bar.


Photo by Jessica Kelly

While I did think that cotton candy was a little too sweet for me, the strawberry cream was pretty satisfying, and I could eat the chocolate graham for days.

Chocolate Graham was by far the best Cupcaron, and surpassed all of my Cupcaron expectations. Made with chocolate cake and icing, this one’s filled with graham cracker stuffing and topped with a graham cracker macaron.


Photo by Gaby Maniscalco

At less than 50 calories a cupcake, it’s hard to eat just one, so order a bunch of these to your dorm while you can, because Baked By Melissa is taking them off the shelves on June 22

These have been flying off the shelves so I’m sure we’ll be seeing companies roll out their own versions of the Cupcaron in the near future.

Until then, check out the links below for more fun ways to enjoy cupcakes and macarons: