Holiday shopping markets are a dime a dozen. In NYC alone, there are Urbanspace markets that open up several times a year, offering everything from candles that double as lotion to hand-knit goods. And while a trip to Macy's is always an easy option, sometimes it's cool to venture outside of Manhattan city limits to new locations, which is exactly what I decided to do when I visited Sip. Shop. Eat.

Ashley Steinberg

The market, touting local vendors, has been in the works for several years and gives shoppers an opportunity to support small mom and pop ventures and others that are more environmentally conscious than your typical retail store. While I was definitely expecting something a bit more spacious and curated, Sip. Shop. Eat. provided some standout gift options in a casual space, making it feel a bit like those parties your friends throw to sell home goods—and not in a bad way.

What was it like?

Ashley Steinberg

Walking into the space, you were greeted by a nail bar where they provided manicures for any attendee who wanted to receive one. VIP guests also received a bag of goodies upon entry, including everything from cupcakes to bath bombs and some other vendor provided items in between.

The space had two levels (not immediately obvious to a passerby, but easy enough to discover once inside the venue). The bottom floor included more vendors, a cute photo station and a drink station with mimosas as well as non-alcoholic options like iced tea or hot chocolate which could be spruced up with marshmallows or candy canes. They also offered cotton candy or popcorn in case you were jonesing for a snack.

Once you were done exploring, it was time to check out the booths and get some gifts.

So what are some of the edible standouts?

Ashley Steinberg

Let's start with food. Who doesn't love a good cake pop? Bittles NYC offers a fresh spin on the now infamous treat, focusing on flavors that haighlights various cereals and serving them up on mini spoons for a bite sized snack that delivers a punch of sweet flavor. They even had a special holiday flavor called "The Elf" which included a Maple Sugar Cake with Pop-Tarts, M&Ms and Chocolate Toast Crunch.

Ashley Steinberg

Brooklyn Balls offered some insanely rich truffles, including their most popular Oreo Ball as well as one called the "Beach Ball" which contained pretzel, caramel and peanut butter and was covered with dark chocolate.

Ashley Steinberg

Chillology Crepe and Tea Bar offered, well, crepes and tea for customers who wanted a treat right there and then. And Moto Spirits Distillery had a selection of their Brooklyn-made whiskey that was inspired by motorcycle trips around the world and handcrafted in America’s first rice whiskey distillery.

Non-food standouts:

Ashley Steinberg

Zoftig Boutique in particular was the first booth that stood out to me. While not a plus size myself, I did love their designs and was especially drawn to their non-clothing items, like a luggage tag that said "Cupcake Calories Don't Count"—which is also a personal mantra I tell myself when I'm craving sweets or when there are free cupcakes at work.

Simply Sunday Candles was another standout. I like this one in particular because of the immense thought they seemed to put into their products. They made and sold 100% soy candles with recycled wicks that give off a crackling sound, intended to make whoever lights it feel like they are in front of a nice, big fire.

So for Brooklynites and New Yorkers looking for some off-the-beaten-track gifting options, I'd pocket this market for next years' shopping needs. And if you're looking for gifts year-round for birthdays, anniversaries, etc., check out the full list of their vendors here to see who you could be shopping.