I’ll admit, cooking isn’t one of my strong suits. It’s not so much my skill in the kitchen that’s the problem, but my lack of motivation to apply said skill. By the time I pick out a new Pinterest recipe, head to the grocery store to buy ingredients, and cook dinner, I typically decide that this much work should be reserved for once a week, and I revert back to my frozen meals. That is, until I tried EveryPlate, an affordable meal kit with flexible plans and delicious weekly menus.I’d never tried a meal prep kit before, so I was thrilled at the opportunity to test out EveryPlate.

According to Nielsen data, U.S. customers have been collectively spending more than ever on meal prep kits since the start of the pandemic — which makes sense, given the convenience of not having to go to the grocery store. While other meal prep kits can get expensive (like $9 and up per serving), EveryPlate is specifically targeted towards a college- friendly budget at only $4.99 per serving.

Whether you’re a pro in the kitchen or still mastering the art of making toast, EveryPlate makes it easy to learn new and delicious recipes. EveryPlate is also the first meal prep kit to allow customers to switch out meats, seafoods, and sides with alternative options.

How it works:

1. Select Your PlanEveryPlate allows users to choose between two or four servings per kit and between three and five meals per week. Plus, there are various discounts for new members, making it super affordable.

2. Pick Your MealsUsers are offered a selection from 14 different meals that change each week, so they’re sure to discover tons of new favorite recipes without getting bored.

3. Delivery: A box including all of the necessary ingredients for the week (aside from things like salt and pepper) and easy to follow recipe cards is delivered directly to your door.

4. Get Cooking: The recipe cards break down each step and make cooking fun and easy.

My experience:

I couldn’t be happier with my first EveryPlate experience. I selected three meals (cheesy black bean poblano tacos, caramelized onion burgers, and ponzu pork meatballs) and definitely have some new favorite recipes. The portion sizes were more than enough for two people — my sister and I even had leftovers of the tacos! While we loved all three recipes, the ponzu pork meatballs were a huge crowd pleaser in my household. We’re definitely holding on to that recipe card to replicate them in the future. The instructions were easy to follow for even the most inexperienced chef (ahem, me).

I continued to use EveryPlate throughout the semester and was continuously impressed by them. I had never used a meal prep kit before, but now I’m hooked. Not only were the meals delicious, the recipes were easy to follow. Living in New York City, big grocery shopping trips can get expensive — not to mention the hassle of hauling grocery bags up to my fifth floor walkup apartment. EveryPlate makes it easy to get restaurant quality dinners delivered to your door at a college-friendly price.

Because the ingredients were supplied in the exact measurements needed for each recipe, I was also happy to have extra space in my fridge and less food going to waste at the end of each week. The ever-changing weekly menu really forced me to expand my food horizons and learn to make some new favorite recipes I wouldn’t usually think to make for myself. As someone who lived on frozen Trader Joe’s meals all of my sophomore year, I’m happy to say that I now actually enjoy cooking dinner and experimenting with new recipes.

I’m so glad I tried EveryPlate and can’t wait to order more meals in the future. I may even, dare I say, like cooking now. As a busy college student, saving trips to the grocery store and money is always a win, and my mouth is already watering thinking about my next meal.

To try EveryPlate for yourself, you can sign up here.