College students are always on a budget looking to save money or earn a few extra bucks. You all can thank my roommate Emily for introducing me to the best app ever and I am excited to share it with you.

This app literally pays you for shopping. Yes, you heard me right. You can get cash back on everyday purchases. I think this is one of the best inventions EVER. Being a college student, I find it hard to splurge while shopping whether is be groceries, new outfits or even alcohol (we all know we’ve had to take the bullet and buy Burnetts at least once). When I am at the grocery store I am forced to put that bag of chips back because I know it is not a necessity and I have already spent too much money. But now I don’t have to do that. On the app you can search what store you are shopping in and see what rebates that they have.


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As you can see, if I buy my bag of chips and Pepsi (for mixers, so yes this is a necessity), I get $1.00 back. I know you prolly think I’m crazy because this doesn’t seem real, but it’s legit. And it’s easy. All you have to do after purchasing your items at the store is go on the app and press a button to unlock the items that you purchased. Once they are unlocked, you take a picture of your receipt (so the app can verify that you bought what you said you did) and WAH-LA, you get cash back. Once you have accumulated $20.00, you can transfer the money to your Venmo account, Paypal or you can even get a gift card. This is perfect because you don’t have to give them your credit card number and worry about your savings being drained. It is all pretty secure.

And it gets better. So for first time users, they give you $10.00. For those of you who have some trouble with math, you will already be half way to taking out your first $20.00. For my first grocery store trip using the app I got $2.00 cash back. This was just from purchasing eggs, bread, milk, tomatoes and an onion. So the money will accumulate fast if your a big eater. And even if your not, you can get cash back for make-up, clothes and even cleaning supplies. If this app doesn’t already have your heart, I have some better news for you. You can get cash back on alcohol.


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Yeah…you heard me, now you can get $3.00 back for an 18 pack of Budlight and if you buy three 12 packs of Budlight, you get $10.00 back. So go in with some buddies (make sure they don’t have the app so you can get the cash back lol) and buy your beer for the weekend. The rebates change each week so make sure you download it fast!!

So for all my little shoppers and drinkers out there (you can get cash back for buying drinks at the bar!!!!!!) I hope this comes to great use.