With May 1st just around the corner, I can’t help but look back on the big decision facing me last year — where to go to college. Obviously, I chose Tulane for the food. For me, this decision was easy; after Insta-stalking every New Orleans food festival and restaurant, and discovering that Tulane’s meal plan includes a food truck on campus, the decision was obvious.

For starters, New Orleans boasts a non-stop festival scene. A few of the most popular food fests to check out are Crawfest, Po-boy Fest, Gumbo Fest, and many more. My personal favorite was the King Cake Festival. For just $10 I got to taste ten generous King Cake samples of all varieties. For a schedule of New Orleans’ food festivals click here.


Photo by Leah Howard

Brunching: everyone’s favorite weekend activity. Whether it is Atchafalaya, a jazz brunch spot that boasts an impressive “Make Your Own Bloody Mary Bar,” or a healthy and lighter treat from Satsuma, Tulane students know how to do it right. For more favorite brunch spots check out this article.


Photo by Samantha Slavin

And of course, you can’t ignore the fancy spots in NOLA, perfect for when the rents come to town. This is what we all look forward to most, isn’t it? After weeks on end of dining hall meals, there’s nothing like sitting down with some swanky cloth napkins and good company. A fan favorite is Shaya, an upscale Israeli spot on Magazine street. Make your graduation reservations now because they are booked until the end of eternity.


Photo Courtesy of @NoshingNola

Lastly, The Boot, which has been rated the #1 College Bar in America, serves up exactly what every college kid needs at 2 am – PIZZA. Who doesn’t love a cheesy slice the size your face after a long night out? It’s so good that some students even eat it for breakfast during Mardi Gras. Side note – if you’re curious about which Boot happy hour drink you would be, take this quiz.


Photo Courtesy of @fatpplproblems

Well, if you aren’t convinced yet, I suggest you visit New Orleans immediately and stuff your face with dishes from every restaurant in sight. Email your admissions counselor and commit to the best four years of your life ASAP because the Tulane Ton can never come soon enough.