Coming into college, I was amazed at how much *delicious* food there was to pick from. Pizza, fries, burgers... everyday?! I couldn't wait. I was about to be living the luxurious life. 

Fast forward into my eighth month living in the dorms, and wow, I couldn't have been more wrong. Instead of asking my friends what could possibly be for dinner, we know the answer: pizza and fries, and basically nothing else that's edible. We'll probably be eating cereal... again. In many ways, this reminded me of being in a relationship.

So I went ahead and defined every stage of a relationship with dorm food because why not?

Stage 1: I'm in love. This is the greatest thing ever!

Pizza, fries, burgers... for every meal? I'm in love. This is incredible. This couldn't be any better! Seriously, college is the best.

Stage 2: It could be worse...

I mean, it's not that bad I guess... It's better than I expected. But having the same food everyday is a little boring. 

Stage 3: Okay, I'm starting to miss home-cooked food.

I'm in desperate need of a break from this food. I'm seriously craving good lasagna, tator-tot hotdish, and chicken pot pies.

Stage 4: Pizza... again? It's already paid for, I guess I'll eat it.

I mean I guess since I've already paid $10 PER MEAL *sobs* so I might as well keep eating at the dining hall. Whatever, I'll probably live.

Stage 5: Why do I even try to go to the dining hall?

I mean, I know I'm paying $10 a meal, but I just can't do this anymore. I'm losing all of the nutrients from my body! If I keep eating this food, I think I might actually die.

Stage 6: Mac n' cheese cups it is!

I literally cannot eat the dorm food anymore. So I guess I'm stuck to eating food in cups: Pasta-A-Roni cups, mac n' cheese cups, Rice-A-Roni cups, Campbells cups. I think cupped foods are my new best friends.

Well, if that isn't the most accurate description of your relationship with dorm food, I don't know what is. Maybe your dorm food is delicious and actually edible, and if that's the case — you're pretty lucky. For everyone else, I'm glad we can share this pain together.