Celebrations; with them usually come drinking. Whether you're celebrating getting into grad school (like myself) or just celebrating the fact that it's the weekend, you're most likely drinking. While no two drinks are the same, I'm here to introduce Austin Eastciders to you; they're a new kind of drink that you should consider for your next celebration.

What's there to know?

Photo Courtesy of Julia Keim

Austin Eastciders just so happens to be the best little craft cider brand in Texas. While cider can be confused with apple juice, it's not. The company's been around since 2012, and while I wasn't old enough to drink back then, I probably would've recommended this to my parents; how sweet. Austin Eastciders core collection of flavors includes Blood Orange, Pineapple, Ruby Red Grapefruit and Texas Honey, as well as Original Dry and Brut (super dry) flavors. There's even a watermelon and rosé flavor, so needless to say, I'm in literal heaven with this cider company.

Austin Eastciders also offers some seltzers, which is also my speed, but I have yet to try those; so I shouldn't and can't be commenting on the quality of them.

All of the ciders that I've received were 5% alcohol by volume (ABV) or less, so don't expect to get drunk unless you have multiple ciders/drinks like what I usually do anyway... cue the substance abuse issues.

Now that you know more about Austin Eastciders, it's worthy to note that they're sold online and in different Trader Joe's locations from what I've seen. I would know this since I have a real Trader Joe's problem, but that's just in case you really want the cider and don't want to place an online order.