LaCroix, in my opinion, is the perfect drink. It's carbonated, comes in different flavors, and tastes great, but is zero calories. It seems to have a cult following, and is certainly my go-to when I need a pick me up. My dorm room mini fridge is fully stocked with LaCroix at all times. It seems as though every person has "their flavor" of LaCroix, which in my opinion defines their personality. So, here are the meanings behind your best friends' favorite flavors of LaCroix.

1. The Sporty Friend

LaCroix Flavor: Pure

This is the type of friend who actually enjoys waking up at 5am and going for a run or to an exercise class. She is fit and toned, has the cutest athletic clothes, and provides fitness inspo for your entire squad.  Post workout, she is sure to enjoy a nice refreshing Pure LaCroix. 

2. The Mom

LaCroix Flavor: Lime

Picture this: A mom pulls up to the carpool line in her black Suburban with a Lime LaCroix in hand. But, in this case, your friend rolls up in her mom's old mini van, still with a Lime LaCroix in hand. She's a worrier, always has your back, and can be seen carrying a catch-all tote bag with any item you could possibly ever need. 

3. The Emotional Friend

LaCroix Flavor: Passionfruit

This friend is the crier of the group. She's bound to get a little emotional at any movie, at a goodbye, or even at a short video or Vine (RIP). Whether it's a happy or sad cry, a rant about a bad teacher, or getting choked up at a picture or movie, she'll always get a little emotional because she is passionate. The Passionfruit flavor of LaCroix would be the perfect flavor for her due to her intense feels and emotion.

4. The Adventurer

LaCroix Flavor: Coconut 

This friend would love to spend her time relaxing under the shade of a palm tree sipping a Coconut LaCroix on a tropical island somewhere on a beach. She is likely always tan, has an easy going personality, and is always up for a fun adventure.

5. The Clean Freak

LaCroix Flavor: Lemon

This friend always has their things organized and is the one with color coordinated everything. She's very neat and gets grossed out by messy things. Don't even try to get her to let you have a sip of her Lemon LaCroix because GERMS.

6. The Voice of Reason

LaCroix Flavor: Peach Pear

This is the friend who keeps everyone out of trouble. Although she loves to have fun, she knows when to say when and always has a level head. Peach pear is the perfect flavor for her because, the two flavors balance each other out, just like she is able to balance her fun and responsibilities. 

7. The Jokester

LaCroix Flavor: Berry

The jokester of your group would be berry likely to make a lot of puns and jokes. She has a fun personality and can always make you laugh no matter what! She would probably be inclined to drink Berry flavored LaCroix due to its endless pun opportunities. 

8. The Partier

LaCroix Flavor: Pamplemousse

This friend loves to go out and have a good time. She's super social and seems to have an "in" to just about everything. She always has a fun story to tell and is confident and crazy. Drinking Pamplemousse LaCroix just sounds like a fun time, especially on the morning after a wild night out. 

9. The Awkward Friend

LaCroix Flavor: Apricot

Apricot LaCroix seems to be the forgotten flavor of the LaCroix bunch, just like your awkward friend might be forgotten or shy in the group. But you know that once someone gets to know your friend, she's super fun and nice, you just have to "crack" her open.

10. The Everybody's Friend Friend

LaCroix Flavor: Cran Raspberry

Cran Raspberry is the one flavor of LaCroix that everybody seems to like. Its a universal flavor and is usually tolerable by the people who claim that LaCroix tastes bad (who are wrong). This friend is someone who knows everyone and who everyone loves. She just has a nice personality and is the perfect flavor for everyone.

Next time one of your friends cracks open a can of LaCroix, just try and remember what it really says about them.