When Huffman is too far of a walk and you’re sick of Slayter’s burrito bowls, you turn to Curtis. Why is it always the last resort? I am speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves and standing up for Curtis. Curtis should be everyone’s, especially freshmen’s, first choice. Here are a few reasons why:

1. The scene

Curtis Dining Hall

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Seniors and freshmen all in one place, what could be better than that. Stand in line trying not to make awkward eye contact with that one sunny friend from the night before.

2. The floor to ceiling windows

Curtis Dining Hall

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Curtis or a Colorado ski lodge? Sit down at one of the tables and get ready to be transformed by the magical wintery views surrounding you and bustling noise of fellow Curtis-goers.

3. Grilled cheese and tomato soup Tuesdays

Curtis Dining Hall

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Need I say more?

4. The gluten free section is bomb

Curtis Dining Hall

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It’s not your typical selection. Curtis has got the hook up for all those gluten intolerant, they even have GF waffles.

5. You can show up in your pajamas

Curtis Dining Hall

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The walk from Shorney and Smith is approximately one minute so rolling out of bed half asleep is always an option, no judgement.

6. You can make yourself at home

Curtis Dining Hall

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Claim a table with all of your friends and stay a while without getting angry looks from fellow diners like you would at Slayter.

7. The staff

Curtis Dining Hall

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Who wouldn’t want to have their ID swiped, questioning whether they have declining or what declining even means, by Lynn the friendliest person on campus. So freshman make your way on over to Curtis for dinner tonight or maybe brunch this Sunday.