We are two weeks into Season 21 of ABC’s hit show The Bachelor. Nick Viall has his fourth chance at love (yikes, what happened to third times the charm?) and is ready more than ever to move on from his past and meet his potential wife.

Looks, brains, and fit are categories the contestants are judged on; but, what about the non-stereotypical ones? Like what they would be as a food item for example? No worries! We took the liberty of listing each of Nick’s girls with their food doppelgänger so you don’t leave this page empty-handed.  


Age: 23 

From: Secaucus, New Jersey 

Food: Fresh Mint

Why? Who else would show up in a shark costume defending herself as a dolphin? Did we mentioned she kicked ass at it too? She's different, spunky, vibrant and refreshing from your "regular" contestant. We hope she makes it far in the show! 


Age: 26

From: Greenville, South Carolina 

Food: Stalk of celery 

Why? Tall, thin and bland (sorry girl, you didn't make it past night one).


Age: 26

From: Tampa, Florida

Food: German Shepard's Pie

Why? She's already told us she's German, so what better dish to pair her with than one that celebrates who she is?


Age: 28

From: Salt Like City, Utah

Food: Pineapple Smoothie 

Why? After stalking her on Instagram a little bit and reading her bio, it became very clear her favorite fruit is pineapple. Sweet like one, Briana kicked it off night one but may be too overpowering which led her being sent home.


Age: 26

From: Santa Monica, California 

Food: Apple

Why? Just like the temptation of Adam and Eve, Brittany is a temptation for Nick. Not only does she have a killer bod and is super gorgeous, but she also has a charismatic personality. This group date only made things juicier. 


Age: 25

From: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Food: Slice of Pizza

Why? At a potluck with a thousand dishes, you'd go for the pizza because it's approachable and loyal (and you know you'll like it). She has proven to be all these things as well as trustworthy not only to her new friends but also Nick. 


Age: 24

From: Miami, Florida

Food: Sex on the Beach

Why? Okay, we know, it's a drink, but come on. Just from the two episodes we have seen and the sneak peaks, she fits the image perfectly. As she says, "My heart is gold, but my ****** is platinum."

Danielle L.

Age: 27

From: Los Angeles

Food: Street Tacos

Why? Just like street tacos, Danielle is a more authentic contestant than most. At age 27, she has created and established her own successful business. 

Danielle M

Age: 21

From: Nashville, Tennessee 

Food: Eggs Sunny Side Up

Why? Breakfast, the healthiest meal of the day. Danielle M. has shown she is one of the healthiest choices for Nick.


Age: 25

From: Los Angeles, California

Food: Buttered Toast

Why? Hasn't left a big enough impression but there's still something there.


Age: 29

From: Las Vegas, Nevada 

Food: Your Grandmother's Homemade Recipe

Why? Good enough for seconds but when you've had enough, you're tired of it.


Age: 24

From: Dallas, Texas

Food:  Coffee

Why? Even though she has spent some time in the shadows, she keeps the audience on their toes and wakes up any situation.


Age: 23

From: Vancouver British Columbia, Canada

Food: Butter Tarts

Why? Firm yet sweet, Hailey is a strong girl, but once Nick gets to know her, he will get to see her sweet side.

Ida Marie

Age: 23

From: Harlingen, Texas

Food: Hershey's Kiss

Why? Small but sweet. We only got to see a little of her and we wish she had stuck around some more. 


Age: 28

From: New Orleans, Louisiana 

Food: Onion

Why? She's proven to have a lot of layers and each episode we learn even more.

Jasmine B

Age: 25

From: Tacoma, Washington

Food: Salted Pretzel

Why? One of the several in red dresses on night one which may have been a disadvantage for this contestant. She was a little salty she didn't made a big enough impression to stay.

Jasmine G

Age: 29

From: San Francisco, California

Food: Honey BBQ Chicken Wings

Why? Football has obviously been a big part of her life but her soft 'honey' side is coming out as her tears showcase how fast her affection for Nick is growing. 


Age: 24

From: Santa Cruz, California

Food: Uncooked Weiner

Why? Sorry girl, you asked for it.


Age: 24

From: Lexington, Kentucky

Food: Lollipop

Why? She's in it to win it and a sucker for Nick's heart.


Age: 25

From: Manhattan, New York

Food: Apple Pie

Why? Lauren's managed to sweep viewers off their feet and become "America's Sweetheart."


Age: 30

From: Naples, Florida

Food: Non-Fat Greek Yogurt

Why? Plain, simple, and to the point.


Age: 24

From: Los Angeles, California

Food: Trail Mix

Why? What makes up trial mix? Like a peanut, Michelle has proven to be strong — she owns her own food truck; like an M&M, she's got a sweet side, one she's ready to show Nick; but unfortunately, she also has a few bad raisins in her, leading her to end her bachelor journey.


Age: 25

From: Anchorage, Alaska

Food: Baked Alaska

Why? 'Nuff said.


Age: 31

From: Dallas, Texas

Food: Red Velvet Cupcake

Why? First Impression rose deserves a victory sweet!


Age: 25

From: Hoxie, Arkansas

Food: Biscuits and Honey

Why? Everyone needs a little southern charm in their life.


Age: 26

From: Newport Beach, California

Food: Ice Cream Sundae

Why? She has the potential to be Nick's cherry on top.


Age: 26

From: San Diego, California

Food: Girl Scout's Caramel Delights

Why? Special and unique. They don't come around often but when they do, you better catch them. 


Age: 23

From: Seattle, Washington

Food: Lobster

Why? Not only one of the most prestigious items on a menu but in the mansion as well. 


Age: 29

From: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Food: Ravioli With Marinara 

Why? Everyone's favorite pasta. Once she opens up to Nick, everything wonderful about her will spill out. Of course, smothered in marinara because of how much love she has to give.


Age: 25

From: Chanhassen, Minnesota 

Food: Hot Tamale 

Why? She's got a little kick to her. You go girl.

Come next Monday, you'll be comparing an ice cream sundae to a lobster and eggs sunny side up to street tacos. We'd apologize, but it just makes it all the more fun. Pour your wine, put your feet up and root for your favorite food. We'll be right alongside you.